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Our company, Cruxweld Industrial Equipment Ltd., founded in 1977, is an established brand in the Indian welding industry, offering a complete range of industrial welding machine and plasma cutting machine. We are a manufacturing company and an exporter and have served more than 1,50,000+ customers across in India and the overseas, producing and selling all types of welding, cutting and automation machinery and service. An ISO 9001: 2008 company, Cruxweld has risen from strength to strength and made a name for itself in the welding industry. We are an authorised Govt supplier and highly recommended brand by BHEL, HAL, NTPC, ONGC, GAIL, NHPC, BARC and others and boast of several big corporate clients such as Jindal Steel Limited, Tata Projects Limited, Maruti Suzuki India Limited.


A company faithfully dedicated to welding excellence, Cruxweld offers welding solutions for both demanding industrial applications as well as ready to weld needs. It doesn’t matter in which way you are connected to this massive and ever growing welding world, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, We, the team of Cruxweld welcome you to join our family to experience first-hand services in welding excellence. Through this website, we aim to provide all our customer’s information which might be inspiring as well as helpful for your business.We do not hesitate from criticism and we know that we cannot be right every time so we encourage you to provide us with whatever suggestions you have which will help us in serving you better and in ways which are comfortable for you so that you can continue with your business and let us take care of all your welding requirements.


Cruxweld is the pioneer company in this gargantuan welding industry. Keeping in mind the ever fluctuating market trends and excellence in our product quality, we take the responsibility of providing solutions that will help you win as well as flourish your business.We provide welding solutions for all types of machines out there, we also provide welding management software and expert services for both industrial applications as well as ready to weld requirements. You can find our local expertise anywhere around you through our global network which covers over 60 countries.


Industry Research indicates that the welding industry is going to touch Rs.45.37 Bn by the year 2020, growing at a CAGR of 5.6% in the period between 2014 and 2020. Volume wise, the market was valued at 255.1 kilo tons in 2013.


The industry of welding consumables has a direct relationship with the growth of steel production in our country. Over the years with growing industrialisation and a fast developing economy, we have evolved in designing and manufacturing and achieved higher benchmarks in globally recognised quality standards. For almost two decades, our hi-tech products and services have been satisfying our customers on parameters of technology, quality standards, and customer service. We continue to keep a staunch commitment to overall efficiency, time management, and superior quality in welding & cutting solutions and live by the motto of Dare to Commit. It is our policy to put the customer first, understand his needs and serve him to suit his requirements in the best possible way. We keep our promises and provide the customer much valued after sale service.


Founded in 1977, as a private limited company, Cruxweld Industrial Equipments Private Limited was set up to become a strong force of quality and customer service in the industry of welding technology, manufacturing, and exports of all-weather friendly and hazard-free welding equipment. Two decades down the line, it has achieved many such goals and has attained milestones both in India and abroad. Today, Cruxweld is the recommended brand of welding across all Government websites in India. We are present in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad with more than 200 dealer network across India.


With this strong background, the company sets it vision now to get established as a world leader in the welding industry creating benchmarks in quality, discipline, integrity, commitment, forthrightness, morality, righteousness and authenticity.

Products and Services

We offer welding solutions that bring superior technology and process excellence. We cater to different industries and to a variety of material and requirement. Taking care and responsibility of end-to-end project requirement, we handle entire gamut of components involved in your welding project under one roof. Both designing and manufacturing are areas we provide expertise in. Our company is not just a manufacturer of state of art welding equipment; but also has a robust research and development side to it. We possess the manpower and technical resources to bring out necessary research and development for our clients and help them with know-how transfer, training etc.


Our range of machinery products includes Arc Welding Machines, DC Welding Rectifiers, MIG Welding Machines, Spot Welding Machines, CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, Inverter Welding Machine, TIG Welding Machines, Portable Welding Machine, Industrial Welding Machine, Welding Automation and SAW Welding Machines.


We are catering to the needs of a variety of industries such as the automotive, the petrochemical, the civil, the aerospace, the defence, the shipbuilding, and the steel industry.


Our all machines are ‘Government’ approved and accompanied by test & calibration certificate We regularly host free welding training program across the India to upgrade your welding skills.


For post sale support, we’ve made one service engineer available at every 50 km radius to attend to service issues, and we make a point to resolve every service issue within 24 hours of the timeline.


For all your welding needs, you can trust us as each and every component of our machine is ISO certified and hence Government approved. As one of our core commitments, Cruxweld is committed to benchmarks of Quality. Our products follow the lines of quality standards and are produced under expert supervision. Awarded ISO 9001: 2008, 14001, CE and NSIC certifications, our honours in quality speaks for itself and our efforts. Adherence to compliance is the way we function, and the Industry standards and are met with highest accuracy and precision.


We go into the deep intricacies such as making our equipment portable, convenient as well as light weight. Our products are high precision, best in design, environment-friendly, excellent controllable and protected from overheating and current.


For instance, we use ultra superior grade raw material and advanced technology in developing our plasma cutting machines. Our equipment saves energy for our clients as they are designed, optimised and customised in such a way to perform a 100% duty cycle on low power consumption.


Our super hi-technology and expert engineering have developed arc welding machines of extremely high standards. Important features of these machines are that they are compact, lightweight and extremely efficient. Catering to suit different industrial needs, we offer a variety of models of Arc welding machine — from 200 Ampere to 600 Ampere, covering the entire requirement of portability and heavy-duty work. Arc welding machines are extremely productive and efficient, appropriate and equipped to provide complete welding solutions to the industrial sectors in India, namely Offshore/Onshore industry, Electricity Generation, Nuclear, Petrochemical, Construction, Automotive and Pressure Vessels.


In terms of assurance, we provide warranty for all new welding machines.


Our Quality practices and measures resonate with our mission statement that puts emphasis on “producing cost-effective, environment-friendly and state of art welding and cutting equipment and continuously improving our technologies, research & development and upgrade with the upcoming market trends for our valuable clients, distributors and our entire cruxweld team.”

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Our assistants are always ready to guide you regarding our pre-sales and post-sales services or any technical assistance regarding welding. We are keen to expand our network by tying up with a committed and devoted team of dealers and sub-dealers across the India. Call us on our toll-free 18002000599. Online, you can shoot us a mail at sales@cruxweld.com & support@cruxweld.com.


We are your one stop shop for all arc welding needs. Look forward to having yours here!


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