The warranty is the written promise by the manufacturer to repair or replace the machine or equipment in the specified period from the date of supply. The extended warranty is sometimes sought by the client during this period of extended warranty the part has to repair or replace as in the warranty period. This warranty can be extended by paying an amount offered to the customer of welding machine manufacturers.

We are the welding machine manufacturers of a wide range of high industrial quality welding products since 1997. But, a quality product doesn’t mean much without committed post sale service support. Our exceptional service support is one of the best in our business. All welding product is developed and tested for all types of industrial ecosystems and is under a global warranty. Your warranty is automatically activated and entered in our warranty database once you purchase any welding equipment from Cruxweld. The warranty we offer generally is of 24 months for all the manufacturing defects after the sale of the equipment.

The warranty of repair and replacement we managed by our technical team spread across India. Once we receive the complaint it gets registered and we send the complaint number to the client. We make a contact with the nearest service center and forward the concern to that service center. The service engineer, in turn, visits the client and resolve the issue and inform the team of service and support for the resolving of the issue. The way we handle the complaint is the way to render the warranty to the client for the specified period of time.

We are welding set manufacturers of the varied range of welding machine price of arc welding machine, mig welding machine, plasma cutting machine, stud welding machine, stud welding machine.

Download the details of Cruxweld warranty policy.

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