Profile Cutting Machine

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This portable semi-automatic shape cutting machine is suitable for repetitive cutting work where it produces precise and uninterrupted metal cutting following the pattern/template. It can cut any desired shape in less time and with more precision, so overall this profile cutting machine can reduce human interference and increase productivity including less material waste and post-cleaning than manual flame cutting.


Profile-cutting-machine-sample-1  Profile-cutting-machine-sample-2  Profile-cutting-machine-sample-3  Profile-cutting-machine-sample-5


  • Ideal for repetitive jobs, continuous cutting with steel templates.
  • The machine has a compact design, simple and efficient to operate, and is very economical.
  • The ball base allows you to easily place the device on a plate.
  • The speed of the machine can be changed with an indexed selector knob.
  • It is well designed and made of “A” grade cast alloy.
  • The speed control system adopts integrated circuit adjustment to ensure smooth operation.
  • The extremely strong permanent magnet roller ensures accurate fitting to complex template shapes by preventing slippage during operation. Since this machine uses the SCR control system, the cutting speed is thoroughly stable.
  • The speed can be uniformly adjusted within the specified range without changing the motor performance. 
  • The gas distributor is made of pure copper material, which has long service life and high efficiency.
  • The sample holder can be adjusted freely for accurate and efficient profiling. So you can cut any shape and any size in bulk in the same shape in a short amount of time.
  • A portable and robust profile cutting machine is suitable for both field jobs and factories.
  • It has a wide range of applications and can be used with equal ease in boilers, shipyards, infrastructure industries, metallurgy industries, small workshops, and other fields.


Model WING1800
Input voltage, V AC220±10%, 1-Ph, 50/60Hz
Modes of cutting Gas cutting
Cutting thickness range, mm 5-150
Cutting speed, mm/min 50-750
Diameter of cutting circle, Ø mm 20-1800
Template mounted on template holder Any profile within 30mm to 700 mm dia. circle
Template mounted on centre shaft Any profile within 700 mm to 1800 mm dia. circle
Length of cutting line, mm 1650
Magnet tracing roller, Ø mm 10
Electric motor DC110V, 24W, 3600r/min
Speed control SCR
Control pointer FWD-OFF-REV toggle switch
Speed control Continuous variable by a rotary knob
Tracer Clockwise & Anti-clockwise
Cutter movement Vertical movement by rack and pinion
Template position Mounted on template holder or central shaft
Accuracy, mm ≤1.5mm
Cutting torch Injector type to suit acetylene/LPG
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1190x335x800
Weight, kg 58


  • Main body (1 set) 
  • Standard torch unit assembly (1 set) 
  • Tip (acetylene, 3 pcs) 
  • Power wire (1 pc)
  • specification sheets and certificate of qualification (1pc each) 
  • Gas-in connector (1 set)
  • Balance bar (1 pc) 
  • Heavy punch (1 set) 
  • Sample plate of circle (1 pc)
  • Connecting pipe for large templates (1 pc)


Template Preparation

The template should be made of steel sheet with a thickness of at least 3mm so that the magnetic roller can roll around the formwork/template easily and freely.

In the preparation of the template, there should also be allowances for the diameter of the magnetic roller, as well as for the kerf width of the cut.


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