Magnetic Pipe Cutting Machine

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Cruxweld magnetic oxy-fuel/plasma cutting machine is an electric portable magnetic pipe cutting machine that allows the machine to run without installing a chain while maintaining cutting accuracy. The machine has a double permanent magnet in the front and rear driving device of the machine to ensure stable movement when the machine is running.


Key features of the equipment

  • The machine uses permanent magnet wheels that can crawl over the pipe while cutting.
  • TUBOCUT-MS cuts on the outside, inside, or along the centerline of the pipe.
  • It can be used for parallel cutting, vertical cutting, end face cutting, especially circular cutting, and it is easy to operate.
  • Suitable for cutting and beveling various seamless steel pipes in factories and mines, such as petroleum, chemical, marine, power generation machinery, etc.
  • Ability to cut vertically with a magnetic wheel.
  • Oxy-fuel and plasma pipe cutting design.
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise control.




Input voltage (V)

AC220/110V, 50/60 Hz

Effective pipe diameter, mm

100mm onwards

Cutting thickness, mm 

5 to 100

Cut/bevel angle

Variable up to 45 degree 

Cutting speed, mm/min 

50 – 1150

Cutting shape

Square and bevel (up to 45 degrees) 

Drive method 


Speed control


Motor power (W)


Power of the inverter (W)


Speed adjustment

By dial

Cutting torch

Injector type 

Dimensions (mm) 

350x310x280 (LxWxH)

Weight (kg)



The set contains: 

  • Carriage with electric drive – 1 pc.
  • Cutter support with bar – 1 pc.
  • Gas manifold with valves – 1 pc.
  • Set of gas hoses with flared connecting nuts – 3 pcs. 600 mm.
  • Machine cutter – 1 pc.
  • Propane gas mixing mouthpieces No. 1RM and No. 2RM – 1/1 pc.
  • Network cable (L=5000 mm) – 1 pc.


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