Portable Welding and Cutting Carriage

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The Cruxweld UNITRACK-45K is the latest model of straight cutting and welding carriage. Compatible with plasma, oxyfuel, and MIG, this model can also be used for bevel and circle cutting.


This sturdy design is one of the most popular and best-selling carriages in the manufacturing industry. The UNITRACK-45K is an extremely powerful, versatile tractor, specifically designed to be compatible with most applications. With the ability to adapt to each process, the machine is very flexible while keeping the operating system simple.  

Versatile Cutting and Welding
This multi-purpose cutting and welding machine comes standard with the ability to be plugged into most power sources. Whether cutting or welding, the Cruxweld UNITRACK-45K has a controller that sends a command signal directly to the interlock switch connected power source. 

Cutting Head 
The cutting torch is made of pure copper, which is resistant to high temperatures and has an angle adjustment scale that can adjust the angle of the cutting head and has high cutting accuracy.

Repositioning Unit
The moving device above the crossbar can move the cutting head left and right, the cutting position of the cutting torch can be adjusted precisely, and the processing accuracy is higher.

Hand Grip
The front end of the cutting machine is designed with a hand grip, and casters allow manual movement and operation of the machine.

Four Track Rollers
The four-track rollers of the machine are made of metal and are wear-resistant and resistant to high temperatures. They fit perfectly into their track and move smoothly without shaking.

Gas Manifolds
Gas distributors are made of high-quality compounds with good sealing performance, safe and reliable. Three valves can be adjusted to precisely control the intake air volume.

Control Panel 
The control panel integrates all operating functions, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Rugged Heavy-Duty Rail
The extendable 6.5ft (2000mm) rail is constructed of special steel for durability and easy connection without tools. You can increase the length of the track if needed to cover the additional distance.

Extra Features

  • Adopts thyristor speed control and walks smoothly. 
  • The body is made of high-strength precision die-cast aluminum with excellent durability.
  • The torch angle can be adjusted freely. 
  • Cut straight lines and circles, also can cut bevel Y V X.
  • Increase travel speed for plasma cutting applications.
  • All major parts are made of copper, making this machine extremely durable.


Power source, V AC220±10% 
Phase, Φ Single
Frequency, Hz 50/60
Speed control Silicon control
Cutting speed, mm/min 50 ~4500
Welding speed, mm/min 50 ~1800
Cutting thickness, mm Upto 150
Groove angle, degrees 0-45
Diametral of cutting circle, mm Ø 200-2000
Motor DC 110V, 30W, 4200r/min
Guide rail standard length, m 1.8
Weight, kg  12.5 


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  1. Patrick O’Carroll says:

    My application is to hard face a high pressure grinding rolls, 750mm diameter and 620mm wide. The weld will be parallel with the shaft,in other words from side to side using flux cored wire on the MIG.
    The track will be fixed on a frame and the rolls will be manually rotated to present each subsequent travel until all the surface is covered with weld.

  2. Chaturbhuj udyog says:

    Welding carriage is lesar welding

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