Pillar Mounted Profile Cutting Machine

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Cruxweld CPM1300 is a professional, reliable, and durable pillar-mounted profile cutting machine. This tireless machine must be built on a foundation and can be used in multiple shifts for large production tasks. A racing magnetic roller that moves around a metal template allows the cutter to cut exact shapes with perfect precision. 

The CPM1300 promises to add all the practical features of a more expensive machine without compromising ease of use and reliability, making it efficient for your job inventory and saving you time and effort.


CPM1300 can cut mild steel and low alloy carbon steel with oxyfuel and when it is required to cut stainless steel or aluminum you can connect with plasma cutting. This heavy-duty profile cutter is specially designed for high volume production in thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 250mm and can cut any shape up to 1300mm area. Besides the basic cutting of straight, round, square, and rectangular cutting, it can also cut any complex shapes such as flanges, stars, hooks, ellipses, etc. with high cutting precision. 


  • Easy to use with both oxy-fuel and plasma. 
  • The CPM1300 is a premium constructed, rugged gas shape cutting machine that produces high precision.
  • The cutting torch is guided by a powerful magnetic roller that rotates around any shape template smoothly. 
  • The cutting accuracy is ±0.7mm, the same as the CNC cutting machine.
  • The speed can be adjusted from 70mm/min to 3000mm/min.
  • Equipped with two X-axis and Y-axis sliding mechanisms, it enables fast job set-up and high-speed production.
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 certified quality system.
  • Move in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
  • The cutting table can also be mounted in the pit, making plate loading very convenient.


Model  CPM1300
Cutting area  Any shape from 15 to 1300, mm Ø
Max. straight line cut 1500 mm
Max. Cutting thickness 250 mm
Cutting speed range 50 to 750 mm/min
Power supply 230±15%, 50/60 Hz
Motor  1/20 AC/DC Series FHP
Speed control Variable by disc knob
Tracer movement Forward/Stop/Reverse
Torch Injector type to suit acetylene/LPG
Torch holder Vertical movement by rack and pinion
Template position Mounted on template holder or central shaft
Cutting precision Ellipse ≤ 1.5mm, Square ± 1mm
Tank size (LxWxH) 1143x1143x406 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1270x1320x1830 mm
Weight (approx) 345 kg


Pillar Mounted Profile Cutting Machine – Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine India – Heavy duty pillar mounted foundation with the most accurate profile cutting machine for industries in India and offshore. The Pillar Mounted Profile Cutting Machine has a rugged character and cut the metal into the desired shape accurately. This machine is a tough, very durable, and non-tiring machine.

This has a magnetic template with a strong foundation. This oxy-fuel cutting machine can be used with Oxy-fuel as well as a plasma power source. It can cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass plates. It may be cut into various shapes like circles, squares, stars, flanges, eclipse, and any irregular shapes. It can cut mild steel plates from 5mm to 200mm, 50mm diameter hole to 200mm dia circles.

As this machine is pillar mounted and heavy duty for larger production in many shifts. The magnetic racing roller is there for the exact shape with perfect accuracy. The machine runs on single phase 230V power and consumes very less electricity. The machine is very popular with small manufacturers to large ship fabricators. This machine is very easy to operate and needs minimum maintenance.

The strength of the structure of the machine makes it very stable for the industries to make the products used for the various industries in India and is very popular in the international market. We are the major supplier of this machine for decades. The machines which we manufacture are manufactured with the best of the raw material for the quality of our products.

The quality check is very strong at Cruxweld as every single machine pass through a double-check quality examination team. The product is passed through a battery of tests before it is okay to supply to the client for its use and manufacturing. The machine we supply across India and export to Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya, Fiji, Sri Lanka, etc.


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