Portable Gas Pipe Cutting Machine

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Cruxweld TUBOCUT-CS is a motorized, chain-driven pipe cutter with remote control. This machine offers high cutting precision in a faster way. This portable automatic pipe cutter is suitable for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting processes. There is no limit to cutting larger diameter pipe, you can cut any diameter pipe with extended aluminum chain blocks. The TUBOCUT-CS is simple to use and easy to set up anywhere.


The automatic drive of the machine makes it easy, eliminates labor costs, and also adapts to the conditions of the field where the generator operates.

This auto pipe cutting machine includes a chain that is capable of cutting pipes up to 650mm in diameter. With the help of additional links, it is possible to increase the cutting range to 2000mm and more. The cleaning of the cutting edge (correct selection of nozzle and cutting speed) is of high quality and does not require additional processing. 

We designed this pipe cutter to be easy to use and emphasized safety and durability. The cutting process is faster, reduces gas consumption, and makes the process more economical. TUBOCUT-CS is simple, does not require experienced operators to operate the device, and thanks to its portability and drive system, it can be easily installed anywhere in shipbuilding, petroleum and chemical industry, pipeline construction, etc.


  • This motorized pipe cutter is ideal for automatic bevel or straight cutting of large diameter pipes.
  • The remote control facility allows you to operate the machine away from the cutting area to avoid sparks.
  • The interlocking chain links are ideal for adding or subtracting chains as needed to cut smaller or larger pipes.
  • On/off drive clutch for quick machine positioning and alignment.
  • The chain belt can be increased or decreased and adjusted according to the pipe diameter.
  • The machine is equipped with an electric drive. The remote control is included, making the UNITRACK-45K more portable and convenient to use.


Input voltage (V) AC220/110V, 50/60 Hz
Effective pipe diameter, mm 100mm onwards 
Cutting thickness, mm 5 to 100 
Cut/bevel angle Variable up to 45 degree
Cutting speed, mm/min 50 – 1150
Cutting shape Square and bevel (up to 45 degree)
Drive method Motorized 
Speed control SCR
Motor 20W, 10,000 RPM 
Speed adjustment  By dial/remote
Cutting torch Injector type
Dimensions (mm)  420x280x550
Weight (kg) 16.5


Cruxweld TOBOCUT-CS Cutter includes:

  • Carriage with electric drive – 1 pc.  
  • Gas manifold with 3 valves – 1 pc.  
  • Cutter support assembly – 1 pc.  
  • Cutter – 1 pc.  
  • Set of sleeves – 3 pcs. 600 mm.
  • Chain for pipes up to 600 mm in diameter (set of 80 links) – 1 pc.    
  • Mouthpiece cleaning kit – 1 pc.  
  • Socket wrench – 1 pc.  
  • Screwdriver for assembling the machine – 1 pc.  
  • Propane gas mixing mouthpiece No. 2RM and No. 3RM – 1/1 pc.  
  • Network cable (L=5000 mm) – 1 pc.
  • Control panel – 1 pc.

The standard supply includes a chain with a length of 2.4 m, sufficient to cut pipes up to 650mm.


Portable Gas Pipe Cutting Machine manufacturers in India for more than two decades for industrial use with the best price and quality. We manufacture the best quality pipe cutting machine in India for which we use the best quality steel and make our machine more energy efficient, more sustainable, and better functionality in the even harsh environment. The chains which are used here for the movement is not specially designed, existing chain can be used that fit into the size. To make the machine with a better result, choose the chain which is of proper size and rollover. Tighten the nut over the chain at the desired site. The torch is adjusted at the cutting site and flame is produced. The knob will adjust the height and by toggle pushing forward start cutting the pipe. The machine starts indexing round on the pipe diameter and cutting of pipe initiated. As the machine starts rotating around the pipe the torch start cutting the pipe with the help of gas. The bevelling can be done with this machine also for which we have to select a particular angle. We supply fixed chains length for the standard size of pipe which can be varied with the diameter of the pipe.

Pipe Plasma Cutting Machine

This machine does the automatic highly precise cutting of the pipe. It is portable and light in weight yet is robust in design and working. It runs on 220/110 AC current with a single phase. It can cut pipes of up to 100 mm thickness. This machine is electrically handheld and remote-controlled for its activities. The cutting can be done clockwise and anti-clockwise in both directions as per the requirement. This is an oxyfuel pipe cutting machine with motors and a strong gear system. The machine is very handy low in weight and cut the pipe with efficiency.


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  1. SUKANTA DAS says:

    Dear Sir

    Can we bevel cutting with this machine 3500mm dia shell with double V shape thickness of shell 50mm. If any type of machine are available in stock then give us reply with full specification.

    thanks & regards

    1. Thanks for the enquiry. We ill get back to you with every possible detail.

  2. Sanukumar says:

    What is the price of tubocut-a5 pipe cutting mechine

  3. Ibrahim Opoku says:

    Dear CEO,MD,SIR,
    I Wish to inform your Esteem company about invitation for 2020 Tender
    supply of 1).Tube and Sheet metal cutting Machines.
    2).Sheet metal folding, And CNC,Machines.
    3).Sheet metal bending machines,
    in GHANA. if your interested i am
    looking forward to working with you for more details on how to proceed
    Regards Mr.Ibrahim opoku
    Email; ibrahimopoku2777@gmail.com
    Address;124/Dadeban Road, North Industrial
    Area,Kaneshie P.O. Box: 537. Accra Ghana
    Phone; +233579468040

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