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cnc plasma cutting machine manufacturers in india

Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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Product Description

CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturers India- CRUXWELD manufacture Portable CNC profile cutting machine in India for MSME. The cnc plasma cutting machine manufacturers in india are not many as there are few manufacturers who have the skill for this advanced technique. The computer numeric control machines are very specific for the specific shapes. These machines comprise with a minicomputer or microcomputer that act as microcontroller unit of the machine. The programme instructions are fed directly into the computer via small board similar to the traditional keyboard. The programme is stored in the memory of the computer which can easily write the codes and can edit the programme as per the need of the client. These programmes can be used for different parts and they do not have to be repeated time and again. These cnc plasma cutting machine manufacturers in india offer greater flexibility and computational capability. The new system can be incorporated by simply reprogramming the unit.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

All the cutting or job process which is to carry about those all dimensions are fed into the computer via the programme. The computer now is of the knowledge what exactly to be done and carries out all cutting process. these machines act like the Robot with all instructions fed into it. The common machine tools that can run on CNC are milling, lathe, drilling etc The main aim of the machine is to remove the metal part to give a specific shape such as oval, round, rectangle, square. The traditional methods use the operators to run these machines who are experts in the working of these machines. Most of the job need to be machined properly and accurately. The operators should be should be experts in the operation of these machines. Now the operator has to feed the programme of the instructions the computer and rest of the work being done by the computer itself as per instruction to the machine which is fed by the operator.




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Salient Features

  • Computerized AC Servo drives and engines for rapid, radiant control, high accuracy and high repeatability
  • Drive rack mounted straightforwardly on extrusion surface with guide-ways for exact alignment
  • Exactness low backfire (<7 arcmin) heavy-duty gearboxes for smooth movement
  • Initial Height Sensing (IHS) and Auto Height Control for Plasma cutting
  • 2 Axis system with high accuracy machined rack and pinion drives
  • Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.5mm, Repeatability: +/- 0.5mm
  • Machined Mating Surfaces for high solidness and precision
  • Machined Heavy-Duty Rail for accuracy and durability
  • Cable drag chains for hoses and cables
  • Drive speed upto 6m/min
  • Bluetooth compatible
21 comments on “Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
  1. mukesh chauhan says:

    pls send me quote

    • admin says:

      Sure, we will do the needful

    • admin says:

      Our sales team will be in touch with you

  2. Vinu Nair says:


    Good Day !!

    Can you send us the quote for the same.


  3. Sambhaji Patil says:

    please send me details and pricing.

    planning tobuy one urgently.

    • admin says:

      Our sales team will be in touch with you.

    • admin says:

      Our sales team will be in touch with you

  4. Alpesh Panchal says:

    Pls send me quotation

  5. Prabhat Palit says:

    Please send us detail spec and pricing. We need this machine for gusset plate cutting. Can this machine make circular and traingular cuts? Please also a send a list of consumables for plasma torch and price.

  6. Rajaram Kulkarni says:

    Pl give the Quote for the CNC plasma cutting machine.

    Thickness upto 10 mm
    Span : 1.5 m x 3 m (min)

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your visit to Cruxweld. We will do the needful.

  7. Vinay says:

    Please give me quote for CNC plasma cutting machine.

    Thickness upto 20mm

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the interest shown in our welding machine. We will do the needful.

      • Vinu Augustin says:

        We doing Fabrication works…we are looking to buy this CNC plasma cutting machine…Kindly Send me quote for this Machine

        • admin says:

          Thank you from cruxweld sales team. We will share techno commercial with you.

  8. udvaban technologies pvt ltd says:

    we require a single phase plasma cnc machine for light cutting of upto 10mm material , kindly send a price quotation and catalogue to us. Thank you

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the inquiry. Our sales team will do the needful.

  9. Prantik says:

    Hey! Is the plasma cutter attached to it or its just the table with the gantry?
    Please reply with details and the price.

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