Pug Cutting Machine

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The CPG-NM PUG cutter is a semi-automatic, portable gas cutting machine ideal for straight, circular, and bevel cuts. Affordable price, ease of use, and portability make this flame-cutting machine popular all over the world. Thanks to the “NozzleMix” technology, there is no risk of backfiring when cutting. A die-cast aluminum body with ventilation holes prevents overheating of the motor and electrical components.



  • High-quality motorized flame cutting machine designed to cut straight lines, circles, and bevels with clean, sharp, and smooth edges.
  • Travels on standard 1.8 meters extruded aluminum rail.
  • Can be Swiveled to cut levels up to 45° with Rack and Pinion.
  • No ignition at the time of cutting because of “Nozzle-Mix” technology.
  • Durable, efficient, and precise horizontal and vertical adjustment of the torch.
  • Bevel setting with locking facility means bevel accuracy during long cutting.
  • Handy, lightweight, and robust machine modeled for long, trouble-free application.
  • Heat reflector with an air gap, which protects the motor and other electrical parts from overheating.
  • The equipment is lightweight, and they have a wrap round handle for easy portability and protection.
  • A single lever ON-OFF mechanism for cutting makes the closing and resuming of cutting very simple and saves gases.
  • Using extendable tracks, this machine can generate straight cuts of any length, square or bevel edge. With the same precision, this machine can cut circles and also shape with gradual curves, when hand-guided.


Model  CPG-NM
Input voltage 230±15% V
Phase Single 
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Cutting capacity Up to 110 mm
Straight cut 1.8 mtr length or multiples by adding rails
Circle cut  75-1200 mm Ø
Bevel cutting Up to 45 degrees
Cutting speed 100-980 mm/min
Horizontal adjustment of cutting torch 80 mm
Vertical adjustment of cutting torch  60 mm
Speed control Wire wound potentiometer
Inlet gas hose connections for gas torch 1/4” BSP RH & LH
Nozzle NM
Dimensions (LxWxH) 430x250x240 mm
Weight (approx.) 10.5 kg


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  1. Vikas Duryodhan says:

    Asking for best rate quote for pug machine

    1. Thanks, the sales team will contact you.

  2. nasir saifi says:

    how long cutting/minute or speed of pug machiene on 6,8,10,12 etc plate.

    1. We request you to visit our website about these details.

  3. Please send Quote .

    1. We at Cruxweld noted and sales team will revert you with the best welding machine price.

  4. Vasu P Vasu says:

    i need quotation

  5. i need quotation

    1. Thank you for the interest in our welding machine. We will do the needful for the pug cutting machine.

  6. Raheman Automobiles says:

    I need a quotation and machines assres ditails of delivery tim

  7. Shivannshu says:

    Price kya hai

  8. Shivannshu says:

    Payment kya hai cutter ka

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