Projection Welder – Pneumatically Operated

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spot welding machine price list with best resistance welding machine by cruxweld as latest technology incorporated with genuine spares and models. The spot welding machine price list is the main attraction of our product as we supply the best of the machine with best available competitive price in the market. The pneumatically operated projection welders are designed to meet the need of high-speed production work of fabrication. The battery of electrodes and tooling are fitted to render them suitable for projection welding, cross wire welding, hot riveting, electroforming and upsetting The machine is available with solid state electronic controls to obtain consistent and accurate welding results on a wide range of material at high-speed automation.The main frame of the machine is very heavy. rigid, welded steel construction, streamlined appearance, and resistance to deflection. The transformer is enclosed in mainframe and accessories of pneumatic system are mounted on the side of the machine and upper & lower arms directly mounted on the frame. The current is carried from the upper platen tooling through a U shaped laminated copper flexible link to provide rolling action during operation. The operating control station mounted on the machine is clearly visible and within reach of the operator. The transformer has F insulation. The cooling system is for transformers, bus bars, electrodes, platens, and thyristors, followed by discharge on an open drain pot for visual observation of flow. The platens are constructed from high-quality copper alloy accurately machined, having T slots to international standards. The machine can be provided with custom designed projection welding dies to suit various sizes and shapes of workpieces. The upper electrode is heavy duty 2 way cushioned pneumatic controlled cylinder controlled by an electrically operated solenoid valve. The compressed air provides electrode force. An air reservoir of suitable capacity shall be provided to minimize pressure drop in welding.

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  1. Lakhbir Singh Sokhi says:

    Good day …
    can you supply nut welding attachments,
    nut bore 9 mm and length is 12 mm

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