Rocker Arm Spot Welder

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The Cruxweld CSR10 is a versatile 10 kVA foot-operated spot welder. This rocker arm spot welding machine is commonly used as a stationary spot welder in aerospace, architecture, tanks, automobiles, and custom spot welding solutions. Additionally, our rocker arm spot welder has an adjustable arm length for added flexibility.


Cruxweld’s heavy-duty rocker arm spot welder is a cost-effective and efficient resistance welding solution with a durable and compact design. This rugged, high-speed spot welding machine is designed to produce high-quality welds based on continuous production. Your Cruxweld CSR10 foot-operated rocker arm spot welder is equipped with TCB10 controls mounted on the front of the machine. This allows the operator to change the time and energy settings during welding.


  • Mechanically operated 10 kVA, spot welder.
  • Adjustable throat depth allows for maximum work flexibility.
  • The chromium-copper electrode holder is designed for long life and efficient operation.
  • Solid copper arms are drilled at 90 degrees to accommodate water-cooled electrode holders.
  • 415V or 230V single and two-phase power inputs with automatic mains frequency detection.
  • High-efficiency sheet metal welding.
  • Consistent welding quality with synchronized welding control.
  • Water-cooled electrodes, arms, and transformers for heavy-duty applications.
  • Access to workpieces of various shapes is possible.
  • The electrode holder is designed for straight and angle mounting.
  • The electrode stroke is adjustable.
  • Adjustable arm and compatibility with a wide range of electrodes allow welding of parts of various sizes and shapes.


Model CSR10
Rating at 50% duty cycle 10 KVA
Electrodes throat depth 460 mm
Nominal throat clearance 220 mm
Weldability (minimum) 0.2+0.2 mm
Weldability (maximum) 2+2 mm
No load secondary voltage 3.4 V
Minimum available short circuit current 8 kA
Nominal electrode force 100 kgf
Electrode stroke max. 40 mm
Water supply at max. temp at 300C 3 l/min
Insulation H
Mains supply voltage 230/415±10% V
Phase I/II
Cooling for arms & electrodes Water
Delayed action fuse 25 A
Cross section connecting cables (dia.) 12 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 660x450x1200 mm
Net weight (approximately) 160 kg


TRANSFORMERRugged, water-cooled transformer with vacuum impregnated coils and positive locking tap switch including winding impregnation to strengthen reliability and long service life for continuous production. 

ELECTRODES – Detachable electrodes mark it extremely appropriate for print head industry, ejector type water cooled tip holders for number 1 Morse Taper electrodes supplied as standard with the machine.

ELECTRODE FORCE – Electrode force adjustment with air filter reducer with gauge and pressure on the job is received by means of a heavy spring on the pressure rod at the back of the machine.

TIME CONTROL – Electronic arrangement of the welding current and safety control with a timer to manage weld from 5 to 50 cycles and 1 to 10 seconds to obtain high quality and repeatable spots.

COOLING – Water-cooled transformer, arms, and electrodes are equipped with a water cooling arrangement with hose connections.

CURRENT CONTROL – Quick current range using Rotary Tap Switch, By means of 6 tap change links between 50% and 100%.

Spot welding machine manufacturers in India. The process of spot welding is the joining of the two surfaces with the heat production from resistance to electric current. In this process, two metal surfaces are placed together under the pressure of copper alloyed electrodes. The electric current is passed through these electrodes and the heat is produced due to resistance. This heat production due to resistance melts the spot area thus joining the two surfaces with spot without heating the remaining surface of metal Best spot welding machine price with the latest technology and spares are the hallmark of Cruxweld. We are leading in resistance welding machines especially spot welding machine manufacturers in India.

The amount of heat generated at the spot depends upon the magnitude of resistance which is determined by the current magnitude and duration of time. Too less heat will not produce good spot welding and too high heat will lead to burning off the surfaces leading to hole formation.

This welding set of spot welder is especially needed in all forms of automobile industry where it is used universally to weld sheets in making cars while in the automobile industry the robotic spot welder is used even. Portable spot welding is also used in orthodontics clinics for resizing a molar band. The other application of the spot welder is to strap nickel- cadmium or nickel metal hydride to make batteries. Spot welding is used for metal sheets and wire mesh, aluminum metals, sheets, buckets, utensils, etc.

The portable spot welding machine is a domain of the Cruxweld in resistance welding. The spot welding machine price list is displayed at our sales outlet and a client can ask for a quotation for the required welding machine. The machine is the outcome of the constant effort of the technical team and management working toward the usefulness of the machine to our client.

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  1. chellaboina rambabu says:

    we want to start invertor battery trolly iron type inthis prosess we need spot welding mechine it work

    up to 20/18 gage metal can i help you.

    1. We will do the needful.

  2. Alan Gracias says:

    Please let me know the price of CST 10.
    Thanking you,

    1. Cruxweld team thanks you. We will do the needful.

  3. Hello,
    We are in need of Spot welding machine for training purpose about 50KW with pedal operated.

    Kindly send detail regarding as well as your feasible quote.

    1. Cruxweld thanks for the interest shown in our welding machine. We will revert with the details.

  4. sleewshospitalEQUPMENT SALS SERVICE says:


    1. The sales team at Cruxweld thank you for the interest in our welding machine. We will send you the techno commercial details of the spot welding machine.

  5. Prathap Reddy says:

    We would like to manufacture modular kitchen baskets. Our Material of construction would be Stainless Steel Wire rods of diameter 3mm to 8mm. Could you please suggest the best suited Spot welding machine for this job. Along with the suited Spotwelder, please send the price quote. You may call or whatsapp me on 9821857551.

    1. We will do the needful. Our team will contact you soon

  6. Hello,

    We would like to manufacture sst article. Our Material of construction would be Stainless Steel
    1. Welding will be between Wire rods of diameter 3mm to 8mm.
    2. Welding will be between wire rod and sheet of Max. dia 5mm and Max. Thickness 5mm respectively.

    Could you please suggest the power required and best suited Spot welding machine for this job.
    Also kindly send the price quote.

    Thanks & Regards

  7. Kava Jayesh says:

    I need for kitchen basket production so which type of machine is suitable for me ??

  8. Satish Patnaik says:

    Hello’Sir, Namashkar
    We are in need of Pedal operated Spot welding Machine for ALMIRAH Manufacturing porpouse and it work up to 18/20 gaze sheet.
    Sir kindly send model and price details including GST through Quotation.

    1. Thank you for the interest in our pedal-operated spot welding machine. Our team will contact you for your queries.

  9. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Dear team

    we required spot welding and Projection welding machine plz contact with on 6239057177 on this number .

  10. Chandrashekar N says:

    Hello Sir,
    We need spot welding machine for SS, MS & Al having hand safety sensor (Automated), please let me know any clarification needed.

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