Pneumatic Spot Welder

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The major concern with the Cruxweld is spot welding machine price. We supply welding set which is most reliable, less power consumption, fine wire mesh, 100% copper winded, flexible wire harness with great strength in the welding machine we supplied The spot welding machine manufacturer in india are many but all our machines are made with strong steel fabricated rigid in design and structure. This spot welder is designed for high-speed production job of metal fabrication, sheet component, cross wire welding, kitchenware, electro brazing.

The transformer is low leakage, proper cooling, and insulation with winding, varnishing to enhance reliability and service life. The current control unit can control current in six position, microprocessor-based synchronous controlled with different programme of setting is incorporated to control the temperature automatically. the pair of two straight electrodes made from a hardened copper alloy is available with the equipment. The electrodes and arms are equipped with water cooling unit.

The spot welding machine manufacturers in India are creating a name in Make in India and exporting the spot welders. The machinery we make at cruxweld are highest in the making standard and is calibrated in scientific manners.  Our company spot welding machine price is highly appreciated everywhere. The reorder of our existing clients make us feel that our product and research to improve further is going in the right direction. The spot welder we have supplied in almost all states of India. We have exported this product as well.

The spot welder which we supply to our client is passed through the very stringent series of test to authenticate the product. The manufacturing plant is registered with NSIC for the making of an indigenous machine with all spares available in India. The product is very competitive in the international market as we have a name in the international market. The welding machine of Cruxweld is very scientifically proven for their efficacy and spot welding machine price list is very competitive.


  • MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – Appliance subsist of precision solid state C-MOS integrated weld timer along with heavy duty electromagnetic contractor for switching function
  • TIME CONTROL – Electronic arrangement of the welding current and safety control with timer to manage weld from 5 to 50 cycles and 1 to 10 seconds to obtain high quality and repeatable spots
  • ELECTRODE FORCE – Electrode force adjustment with air filter reducer with gauge and pressure on the job is received by means of heavy spring on the pressure rod at the back of the machine
  • ELECTRODE SYSTEM – Adjustable electrode stroke is attained via rocker arm mechanism coupled with the pneumatic cylinder
  • CURRENT CONTROL – Quick current range using Rotary Tap Switch, By means of 6 tap change links between 50% and 100%
  • PNEUMATIC SYSTEM – Composed of a pneumatic double acting cylinder, solenoid valve of 4 ways 5 port, filter, lubricator, regulator gauge and foot operated initiating switch for solenoid coil
  • COOLING – Water-cooled transformer, arms and electrodes are equipped with water cooling arrangement with hose connections


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