Welding Rectifier 400

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  • Manufactured with most robust and rugged mechanical architecture specially suited for rugged management at different environmental conditions
  • Configuration of well designed rectifier and transductor unit gives smooth and steady arc with minimal spatter and precise weld
  • Output current regulation through electromagnetic transductor resulting stepless and smooth current control
  • Welder friendly operation – Vast range of current selection through the medium of conveniently regulator knob & arc force adjustment provided on the front panel or remote current control pendant.
  • Highly robust and reliable welding rectifier mainly appropriate for remote and open construction sites
  • Easy arc striking is possible with any type of electrodes because of High O.C.V. machine
  • Excellent welding output characteristics for all electrodes including 6010 & 7018
  • Heavy duty transformer design for trouble free operation over the years
  • Double thermal insulated winding hence no burning of coil


Specification Unit CWR-400D
Input voltage Volt 415±15%
Phase No 3
Frequency Hz 50/60
Input KVA @ 100% duty cycle KVA 26
Input current Amps 45
Welding current range Amps 50-400
Open current voltage Volt 80
Welding current @60% duty cycle Amps 400
Welding current @100% duty cycle Amps 310
Protection class Class IP23
Insulation Class H
Cooling Type Fan cooled
Output characteristic Type CC
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 840x705x905
Weight (approx) kg 240

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