Rectifier Welding Machine

CWR-400T, Thyristorised Welding Rectifier
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The Cruxweld CWR-400T is a thyristor welding rectifier designed for harsh environments with superior welding performance, making it the best choice for outdoor and on-site applications.
The coil windings have class H insulation to ensure a long service life in the most hazardous and demanding conditions. Our advanced thyristor technology and reactor ensure that the output will hardly fluctuate, which reduces spatter during welding.


Superior reliability and high-performance welding for outdoor projects in the harshest working conditions. There is no drop in output current even with long leads, and also suitable for cellulose electrodes. Welder-friendly operation – Vast range of current selection through the medium of convenient regulator knob & arc force adjustment provided on the front panel or remote current control pendant.


  • Robust construction and design make it a solid choice for project fieldwork. 
  • Built-in overload and overheating protection as well as tolerance to ±15% AC input fluctuations.
  • Sturdy construction with a heavy-duty frame and rubber wheels for easy handling.
  • The built-in hot start function ensures easy arc striking.
  • Manufactured with the most robust and rugged mechanical architecture especially suited for rugged management in different environmental conditions.
  • Configuration of a well-designed rectifier and transductor unit gives a smooth and steady arc with minimal spatter and precise weld.
  • Output current regulation through electromagnetic transductor resulting stepless and smooth current control.
  • Highly robust and reliable welding rectifier mainly appropriate for remote and open construction sites.
  • Easy arc striking is possible with any type of electrode because of the High O.C.V. machine.
  • Excellent welding output characteristics for all electrodes including 6010 & 7018.
  • Heavy duty transformer design for trouble-free operation over the years.
  • Double thermal insulated winding hence no burning of the coil.


Model CWR-400T
Input supply 415 ±15% V 
Phase 3
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Welding current range 20 – 400 A
Rated input current 27 A
Input KVA @ 100% duty cycle 21 KVA
Open circuit voltage 90 V
Efficiency at maximum current 85 %
Welding current control type Stepless
Insulation class H
Protection class IP23
Cooling Forced air cooled 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 830 x 705 x 1060 mm
Weight (approx) 195 kg


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  1. David Matthew says:

    Good afternoon
    Can you please quote me on 40xCWR-400T rectifier welding machines.
    These welders are for resale export to South Africa.
    Thanking you

    1. Sure, sir, our team will do the needful

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