CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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The cnc plasma cutting machine – we manufacture CNC plasma cutting machine double-sided drive gantry technology for exact & repeatable cutting by welding set. The world class most precise and sturdy machines are manufactured by us at CRUXWELD. We make machines with minicomputer or microcomputer which act as microcontroller unit of the machine. The programme instructions are fed directly into this computer through small board similar to a keyboard. The programme is stored in the computer which can easily write the codes and can edit the programme as per the need of the client. These machines offer greater flexibility and computational capability. We can reprogramme the machine by incorporating the new system.

We do all the cutting job via programming the machine with all dimensions which are fed accurately into the computer. Now our computer is of the knowledge what exactly to be done and carries out all the specific cutting in an accurate manner repeatedly. These machines are sometimes programmed in such a manner that they act like Robots and those work with more accuracy and at the fastest pace. The commonest machines tools which can run on CNC are drilling, late and milling machines. The main aim of our CNC machines is to remove the metal part to give a specific shape such as round, oval, square and rectangle as per the need of our client. Thee machines are easy to set up and run, and a programme can easily be loaded, which allow a very short time to set up the machine. These machines seem imperative with today’s just in time production requirements. The quality control team should understand the CNC machine tools used in their company. The production control team with managers, foreman and team leader should be abreast of their comapny’s CNC technology well enough to communicate intelligently with fellow workers for the better result in accuracy and production targets.



  • Exact stature control through capacitive sensor (oxyfuel)/Arc voltage control with Initial plate sensing and unique piercing sequence for wonderful cut quality and longer existence of consumables
  • Computerized AC Servo drives and engines for rapid, radiant control, high accuracy and high repeatability
  • Exactness low backfire (<3 arcmin) heavy-duty Gearboxes for smooth movement
  • Quick Positioning rate Upto 12m/min, settable acceleration and deceleration
  • 3 Axis Gantry with high accuracy machined rack and pinion drives
  • Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.2mm, Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm
  • Machined Mating Surfaces for high solidness and precision
  • Machined Heavy-Duty Rail for accuracy and durability
  • CAD/ CAM & nesting software, Bluetooth compatible
  • Fortified steel welded architecture for inflexibility
  • Precision Linear Rail Y- Axis guideway
  • Cable drag chains for hoses and cables

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Please send your best offer for the possible supply of one CNC cutting plama machine, for steel carbon steel sheet, up to 30mm thickness, width 3000m and maxi lenght 12000m.
    Voltage 3x400V – 50 Hz.
    Best regards,
    Mr. Malick FAM
    Industriel project director

  2. Cnc plasma

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