CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

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The cnc profile cutting machine price- The CNC pipe profile cutting machine, an item from CRUXWELD.for brilliant cut quality and efficiency economically. With our pipe cutting machines and pipe cutting services, anyone can cut any of the shapes on a pipe or tube with extreme accuracy and with a bevel. A long experience masters us in pipe and tube cutting while keeping an eye on weld preparation, fast fitting and minimized weld volume results. Our tube and pipe cutting machines and services enable us to realize a complex connection on a large range of material sizes. The operational excellence is applied to keep costs low. They came with oxy-fuel, plasmaCADcAM. This CNC is there for a high-value CNC Pipe cutter, savings in fitting welding and full penetration at two site. The greatest worry in fabrication is the complexity of the design, poor production flow management, too much waste of the material, loss of control over operational expense and lack of highly skilled welders. There is an increasing demand for tough regulations on the welded structure.

The volume and pipe sizes differ from projects to projects and demand higher flexibility from the workforceThis is 100 time faster the traditional method of cutting. This is useful in stadiums, bridges, theme parks, airport, shopping malls, and cranes etc. The prefabricated piping parts need to be assembled by automating the cutting process and apply smart welding preparation to make material ready for fast and easy fitting and welding. The technology can be used for headers, T-pieces, manifolds, run files, loading arms, elbow, spools. The CNC turning centers allow spindle speed and direction, coolant, turret index, and tailstock to be programmed. Certain accessories like probing systems, tool length measuring system, pallet changers, and adaptive control systems require programming consideration. The lists of programmable functions will vary dramatically from one machine tother and user must learn programme function for each machine.










  • Profiles as per AWS and API Standards (Miter, Saddle, opening) or whatever other profile extracted from drawings
  • Computerized AC Servo drives and engines for fast, eminent control, high accuracy and high repeatability
  • Upto six controlled Axes with accuracy machined Rack and Pinion Drives/Ball screw components
  • Drive rack mounted specifically on surface with precision control routes for exact arrangement
  • Low backlash (<7 arcmin) substantial obligation gearboxes for smooth movement
  • Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.5 mm, Repeatability: +/- 0.5 mm
  • Software program for unfolding and DNC software built-in
  • Two Variants – chuk -held/Resting on conveyor
  • Blutooth compatible,CANBUS interface
  • Cable drag chains for hoses and cables
  • Suitable for Plasma/Oxyfuel
  • Drive Speed upto 15m/min

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