Hand Held Pneumatically Operated Spot Welder with Integrated Transformer

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Price of welding machine- Hand held pneumatically operated spot welder with integrated transformer best spot welding machine manufacturers. The new ergonomically designed frame helps to facilitate the working of the operator and meet the need of the desired industry. The pneumatic commands system with compressed air pressure visible for easier reading and adjustment. The machine is equipped with chrome copper electrode for the long life and heavy duty designed for angled and straight fitting. The electrodes have adjustable electrode stroke. The transformer is water cooled and epoxy resin coated. There is semiautomatic drainage system for the easy working. The electrodes descent without pressure for maintenance and set up. Two-stage electric foot control is there for clamping & welding pieces if positioned correctly. The price of welding machine is very competitive. The presetting of the electric foot switch connections required for different welding programme. The welding equipment is manufactured with best of the raw material and strength is achieved by accurate welding. The transformer which we make for our machines have used best of core and can produce better insulation which in fact lead on to better welding. The spot welding machine with transformer is a featured machine for the need of the individual industry. The workpiece is asked by us, then our manufacturing team start working in the sample. Once the sample supplied welded with our machine then we suggest it to the client to purchase welder which can fulfil their need. The equipment is first decided by our client then we start working on that model for the need of our client. In 1-4 weeks required model is manufactured and tested for the sample again with that particular sample. The machine is tested and made a trial run. Once the trial is successful then the machine is there to dispatch. The machine is dispatched with best of packaging material.


  • CONSTRUCTION – Construct with streamlined exterior, properly stablized at points of spot. The transformer is fixed directly on to the frame and the bearings for the arm are equiped in the same
  • ADJUSTMENT OF ELECTRODE STROKE – By up-and-down arrangement of electrode, massive range of alternative arms and electrodes possible
  • CURRENT CONTROL – In pneumatic system via heat shifted approach thyristorised.. In hand operated by exchange of tap links
  • ELECTRONIC CONTROL – Thyristorised precision electronic control provided in pneumatic operated spot welder whereas in hand operated machines solid state precision electronic timer implemented
  • WELD INITIATION – In pneumatic spot welder by hand/foot operated limit switch. In hand operated spot welder by hand operated limit switch


Specification Unit CHS-15P
Rating @ 50% duty cycle KVA 15
Throat depth mm 300
Nominal throat clearance mm 100
Mild steel welding thickness range (min. to max.) 2 x mm 0.2 to 2.0
Stainless steel welding thickness range (min. to max.) 2 x mm 0.1 to 1.5
Maximum available short circuit current KA 8
Insulation Class H
Cooling for arms and electrodes Type Air
Electrode stroke (max.) mm 25
Mains supply voltage Volt AC 415
Phase No 2
Main supply copper cable size mm² 15
Main disconnection switch Amp 30
Delayed action fuse Amp 30
Water at max. temp. of 300C Lit/min 3

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