Rod Butt Welding Machine

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Cruxweld resistance butt welding machine is a welding process in which the end faces of two parts are firmly pressed and resistance heat is used to heat the surfaces to a plastic state, then the upset force rapidly welds them together with or without pressure. Resistance welding is much easier for workers to work with compared to other welding methods.
The production cost is low while the welding productivity is very high. Specially designed for wire drawing mills to join steel, brass, aluminum, and copper rods, this butt welder is recommended for heavy-duty applications.
This rod butt welding machine is ideal for welding the joints of kitchen utensils such as knives, forks, spoons, and spatulas. It is also widely used for welding round pipe square tubes, round bars, flat bars, bicycle rims, motorcycle rims, etc.


The butt welding process requires steel rods or other conductive metals to be clamped with a force so that they can be joined together. These clamps must conduct current into the rod during the welding process in order to complete the butt welding.

We only use high-quality class 3 copper clamps, which are good conductors and have good mechanical and strength characteristics. Metal burrs caused by butt welding must be removed. This can be done by hand with an angle grinder or a built-in bench grinder. Excess flash material should be removed from each joint to facilitate drawing through the die.


  • The opening and closing of the jaws are equipped with lever-operated jaws.
  • This model is standard equipped with an annealing function and a trolley is available on request for easy handling.
  • Auto cycle – clamping – welding – annealing – release.
  • The upset process is controlled by a micro-timer controller.

Common Applications

  • Used for welding wheel rims commonly used in bicycles, motorcycles, and cars, and can also weld similar strip rings.
  • It is used to make kitchen utensils such as cutlery, cooking knives, table knives, etc.
  • Manufacture of various metal wire joints, steel bar welding, steel strip construction, and rebar.

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