Pedal Operated Battery Spot Welding Machine

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battery tab spot welding machine- Resistance Welding machine available in Indian market.- battery tab spot welding machine is available in the Indian and International arena. We make a big range of spot welder for the market and industries. This machine is a thyristor based electronic controller spot welding machine. The machine is equipped with the arrangement to change the current stepwise. The machine has a weld time adjustable from 1 to 100 cycles. This is a portable welding machine and has a stable type electrode. This machine is based on a principle of the spot welding where the two metal surfaces are joined by the heat production from resistance to electric current at the two electrodes. The workpieces for the trial are held in position tightly by the electrodes. The electrodes are specially designed by copper alloy. These electrodes have a special feature of producing more and more heat at a point or spot which is tightly held by the electrodes and produce the spot leading on to spot-welding. The spot welding process involved heating of the specific spot or are otherwise the available surface near to the welding surface does not show any heat. The energy produced at the site of the spot depends upon the resistance between electrode and strength of the current supplied. The common uses for the spot welding are with the sheet metal and wire mesh industries. The commonest industry where the machine can be used is the automobile industry as in-car manufacturing, steel furniture. The orthodontics is the other place where small size spot welder may be used. It may be used in Nickel-Cadmium spot in the battery welding. We are in the Indian market for more than three decades and producing the best quality spot welding machine. The design of our machine conforms to the international standard. The specification matches to none less than the best available in the market. We are a major supplier to the international and government departments.


Technical Specification  Unit CLB5D
Rating @ 50% duty cycle kVA 5
Input supply Volt AC220±15%
Phase No 1
Frequency Hz 50/60
Welding thickness (min. to max.) mm 0.03 – 0.45
Maximum available current (short circuit) @15% duty cycle Amps 3600
Time control KA Solid state electronic timer
Output current selection Step 6 steps
Insulation Class F
Transformer cooling Type Air cooled
Scope of applications 18650, 26650, 32650 cylindrical battery, NI-MH battery (nickel-metal hydride battery), Nickel cadmium battery and EV Lithium battery pack Ni tab welding
Dimensions (approx.) (HxLxW) mm 1470x860x1340
Weight Kg 108

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  1. Looking for 18650 spot welding machine
    In NCR

  2. Looking for 18650 spot welding machine

  3. 18650 spot welding

  4. Abdul Muqtadir says:

    HI I want to get a spot welding machine for my workshop, and found this Pedal Operated Battery Spot Welding Machine best suitable to us, But one more thing I want to know the diameter of the electrods, and the the diameter of Electrode contace surface, as we generally have to do in a very small area.

    Waiting for you earliest

    Abdul M. Khan
    Saif Automations Servies

  5. visit here says:

    I love reading your site.

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