Pneumatic Portable Spot Welding Guns

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spot welding guns pneumatic portable type for industries supplier and manufacturers in India since decades for the best quality spot welding guns.We have designed this machine for our clients in phased manners with many alterations and amendments. These are portable suspension type spot welders designed with extraordinary versatility with many variations in welding guns. These machines are designed for high-speed production to meet the demand of metal fabrication workshops of automobile bodies and subassemblies. The portable suspension type spot welder consists of suspension system, swivel hook, transformer, mounted pneumatic control, secondary cable, air operated gun, connected hoses for water cooling.The cooling system has the transformer, secondary cables, water cooled welding guns, hoses interconnect with assembly. The customer is to provide water cooling supply of recommended flow to maintain the temperature below 30 centigrade. The welding transformer is conformed to a standard with F class insulation and protection to the switches from overloading. It has adjustable welding current option which can be achieved by a switch. Th process of welding initiated by the electrical thumb switch which is provided on the gun handle and connected with safe initiating low voltage circuit. The machine is provided with a good quality pneumatic control and accessories as solenoid air valve for controlling the air cylinder, air filter, lubricator, pressure regulator gauge.The electrode control system is there to control electrode movements pf air operated gun by heavy duty air cylinder mounted on the gun. The compressed air as electrode force from 20-100 P.S.I. ( air 1.5 kg/cm2-7 kg/cm2) used from air cylinder to provide electrode force which is adjusted through air pressure regulator. These are fully pneumatic portable guns synchronously built with the electronic timer with SCR from 2-65 cycles. To carry out difficult welding on thin platesnthe current controls with phase shift adjustment, different diameter rod. There is balanced construction for easy operation. The capacity is 2000 spot per hour(33 spots per minute, need to wait roughly 2 seconds between weld to dissipate heat.


Specification Unit CHS-10PG CHS-15PG CHS-25PG CHS-30PG
Rating @ 50% duty cycle KVA 10 15 25 30
Throat depth mm 300 300 400 400
Nominal throat clearance mm 80 100 150 150
Welding range S.S./M.S. (maximum) 2 x mm 1.2 1.6 2 2.5
Welding range S.S./M.S. (minimum) 2 x mm 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.4
Maximum available short circuit current kA 8 8 11 12
Max. electrode force lbf 269.8 269.8 269.8 269.8
Arms gap in (mm) 3.7 (94) 3.7 (94) 3.7 (94) 3.7 (94)
Insulation Class F F F F
Cooling for arms and electrodes Type Air Air Water Water
Operation Type Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
Electrode stroke (max.) mm 25 25 25 25
Supply voltage Volt AC 415 415 415 415
Phase No 2 2 2 2
Noise produced dB(A) 64 64 64 64
Level of vibrations m/s2 < 2.5 < 2.5 < 2.5 < 2.5
Main supply copper cable size mm2 12 15 20 25
Main disconnection switch Amp 25 30 45 70
Delayed action fuse Amp 25 30 45 70
Water at max. temp. of 300C Lit/min 3 3 3.5 3.5

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  1. S.R.Agrahari says:

    Pl. send the detail specn. and qquotation of pneumatic portable spot welding m/c.

  2. S.R.Agrahari says:

    Pneumatic spot welding m/c. required.

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