ARC 300

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  • Three phase PWM organized inverter based, great efficiency and high power factor heavy duty DC welder
  • Handle with all electrode types and covers a vast range of welding exercise in all welding positions
  • self-regulating compensation for mains voltage fluctuations within ±20%
  • Lightweight and compact design for maximum shop floor flexibility
  • High electrical efficiency and requires less energy
  • High ambient temperature resistance up to 50°C
  • Outstanding welding features and high power output
  • IP 23S rating designed & approved for outdoor application
  • Armed with VRD system for your protection
  • Flexible hot-start and arc force designed for precise weld
  • Safe to use in damp or humid welding atmosphere due to cut down Open Circuit Voltage
  • High reliability and low serviceability to be absolutely sure the product will do the job
  • Can be mechanized from the channels or alternator communications, even via additional source cable work, hence excellent for on-site application


Specification Unit CMM-ARC300i
Input voltage Volt AC415±15%
Phase No 3
Frequency Hz 50/60
Max input KVA@100% duty cycle KVA 9.8
Open circuit voltage Volt 65
Welding current range Amps 10-300
Rated input current Amps 19.5
Welding current @60% duty cycle Amps 300
Welding current @100% duty cycle Amps 240
Power factor CosΦ 0.94
Efficiency % 85
Degree of protection Class IP23S
Insulation Class H
Generator compatible Yes
Suitable electrode diameter mmΦ 1.6, 2.5, 3.2, 4 and 5
Cooling Type Forced Air
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 426x212x357
Weight (approx) kg 14

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  1. Lokesh Mehta says:

    I have requires three phase invertor welding sets nos=5, please send me details and Qutation
    Lokesh Mehta—9312430595

  2. Lokesh Mehta says:

    I have required three phase invertor welding sets nos=5, please send me details and Qutation
    Lokesh Mehta—9312430595

  3. Tarek Hossain says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are looking 2 (two) complete sets of MIG Welding Machine (Inverter Type).

    The MIG welding machine will be used for spatter free and heavy duty welding of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper etc on continuous duty cycle. The machine should be Light weight, Trolley Mounted, Sturdy, Compact, rigid and dust proof construction.

    Ambient Conditions:

    I) Air Temperature +5C to + 50C

    II) Sea Water Temperature +5C to + 35C

    III) Relative Humidity (RH) Up to 98%

    IV) Wire feed speed : upto25m/min

    V) Duty Cycle (10 Min) at 40C ambient Temperature 60% at240 amps and 100% at200 amps

    VI) Power supply 220V 10% (+/-) , 50 Hz, Single Phase/ 440V

    10% (+/-) 50 Hz,3 Phase.

    VII) Control type Digital.

    VIII) Maximum no load voltage To be mentioned.

    IX) Current range/ welding range 5-300 Amps

    X) Ingress protection IP23 or better

    XI) Air cooled

    XII) Continuous heavy duty welding in dusty fabrication shop as well as on-board of naval ships.


    1. Ok, sir, we will do.

  4. Shri MAULI PAPER and BOARD MILL says:

    Pls quotestion Arc 300 welding Machine

    1. Our sales team will be in touch with you

  5. is that true in the case of mig that there will be no entrapment of slag at end in the weld ? aman

    1. Our sales team will be in touch with you

  6. Inverter 300amp 415 volts DC welding machine price

    1. Thank you for the interest shown in our welding machine. We will do the needful.

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