Plasma Cut 70

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We are plasma cutting machines manufacturers in india. We export these welding set to many different countries. To know the plasma cutting machine better we have to know the plasma process.The plasma is the fourth state of matter. The matter is present in solid, liquid and gas state. They change the type by energy.We learn it better by the example of water. It is available in solid (ice) with a little heat it changes to liquid (water) state and with further heat energy it changes to gas (vapor) state. If we increased the heat level further the vapor is further ionized and become electrically conductive and called plasma. The plasma cutter is based on the energy of this ionized gas to a material to make cleaner and fast cutting as compared to oxyfuel.

How is the plasma arc formed? When a gas may be oxygen, nitrogen, atmospheric air passed through the small orifice inside the torch of the plasma cutter and electric arc produced by the power source and passed through lead on to the formation of the plasma jet. This plasma jet immediately attains a temp of 40000 degrees Fahrenheit and passed through the sample and take away the molten material thus making the cut very neat, clean, fast and effective.

The material we can cut with this portable welding machine is mild steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and copper. The major uses of this equipment are in fabrication, automotive industries, industrial construction, and scrapping operations. The plasma cut machine which we supply gives .fast, accurate, effective high-quality plasma cutting. The machine of Cruxweld are very precise, accurate, specially designed for the industries and welding machine price is taken into account. The may be used to know about the plasma cut 40. If you wish to know more about the plasma cutting machine and CNC machine you may visit our site.



  •  This machine is appropriate for cutting of any metal easily
  •  The machine has separate air pressure checking
  •  Equipped with electronically controlled arc system for best quality of cutting
  • Our machines are energy efficient, very compact, light in weight and portable
  • The equipment is stylish, distortion free, clean and smooth cut
  • There is fluctuation in cutting parameter stability of ±20% from the main voltage supply
  • There is adjustable cooling post flow in the torch to cool down to enhance the consumable and torch life
  • Air filter with regulator assembly supplied as an accessories to ensure clean cut, compressed air for best quality in cutting
  • It is an energy efficient machine, built  with high efficacy and  power factor power source. It help in saving power and decrease energy bills up to 30%


Specification Unit CWP-CUT70i
Input voltage Volt AC415±15%
Phase No 3
Frequency Hz 50/60
Max input KVA@100% duty cycle KVA 8.5
Rated input current Amps 23
Open circuit voltage Volts  290
Cutting current range Amps  10-70
Cutting current @60% duty cycle Amps 70
Power factor CosΦ 0.93
Efficiency % 85
Degree of protection Class IP23S
Insulation Class H
Air pressure required Psi 55-70
Fine cutting thickness capacity mm 14
Severance cutting thickness capacity mm 16
Cooling Type Forced Air
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 550x280x545
Weight (approx) Kg 23

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