Waterproof Welding Machine

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Waterproof Welding Machine- Arc welding Machine- Shielded Metal Arc Welding Machine- Gas Metal Arc Welding- Best quality arc welding machine manufacturers in India. The arc welding is produced when an electric current is used to make an arc which leads on to a melting of the metal surface with our without gases make the welding surface melt. Once the cooling set it the welding surface unite which is called arc welding.In arc welding, we can use direct current (DC), alternating current(AC) may use consumables or may not use. The welding region is usually protected by some type of shielding gas, vapor or slag. The waterproof welding machine is available with industrial design, long life, stable and reliable in adverse circumstances. The machine is with extra protection for over voltage, under voltage and overcurrent conditions. The self-adaptive power switch, stable arc, reliability enhanced, stable next generation IGBT. It is available with inbuilt VRD leading on to more stability and safety in welding with the waterproof welding machine. The most common arc welding is where stick or electrode is used to make the molten state between two surfaces with the help of electric current. Once cooling happens to solidify the molten stage to the welding process.The current DC and AC may be used under different circumstances of the welding. the inert gas may or may not be used. The Arc welding is the most primitive of the welding. The duty cycle is 60% in this welding machine. The welding here produces flame which leads on to heat, fire and explosion hazard. The heat and flash may lead on to eye damage. The inhaling of the fumes may lead on to chest and respiratory hazard. The Cruxweld take care of the quality as there is strict QC policy to maintain the highest standard of the manufacturing


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  1. Ranganayakulu E says:

    very useful.Will it work with highly corrosive dusty environment.
    send quotation to the below mail id

  2. Yousrie Yousif says:

    Very grateful
    Could you please send me details and quotation for this machine

    1. We will do the needful sir.

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