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TIG Welder 250 Amps - iTIG250DC

TIG 250

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Product Description

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Salient Features

  • DC TIG and ARC (MMA) dual purpose welding mechanism
  • Revolutionary design assure effortless mobility
  • Great accuracy when handle with generator sets
  • IP 23S rating designed & approved for outdoor use
  • Supreme ignition feature, even with long TIG torches
  • Self-regulating compensation for mains voltage fluctuations within ±20%
  • Fixed programmed post-flow timer save tungsten tip, workpiece and torch
  • Cut down overall heat input for superior weld feature, without burn through or warping.
  • Outstanding welding Features in TIG & MMA with any type of electrodes, cellulosic included
  • Minimal Spatter reduces cleaning time of parts and fixturing and improve arc feature and functioning

Technical Data

Parameter Unit CTW-TIG251i CTW-TIG250i
Input voltage Volt AC220±15% AC415±15%
Phase No 1 3
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
Max input KVA@100% duty cycle KVA 6.8 7
Open circuit voltage Volts DC 78 78
Welding current range (TIG Mode) Amps DC 5-250 5-250
Welding current range (MMA Mode) Amps DC 10-250 10-250
Welding current @60% duty cycle Amps 250 250
Welding current @100% duty cycle Amps 195 195
Efficiency % 85 85
Degree of protection Class IP23S IP23S
Insulation Class H H
Generator compatible Yes Yes
Suitable electrode diameter mm Φ 1.6, 2.5, 3.2, 4 1.6, 2.5, 3.2, 4
Protections Over voltage, under voltage, over temperature Over voltage, under voltage, over temperature
Cooling Type Forced Air Forced Air
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 480x204x303 480x204x303
Weight (approx) Kg 9.5 9.5
8 comments on “TIG 250
  1. Umakant Swami says:

    Require quotation for CruxWeld TIG 250 – 1Phase machine with standard accessories suopply

    Umakant Swami
    Petiva Private Limited, Hyderabad

    Also send the details of your local dealer in Hyderabad/Secunderabad

  2. Fayaz Ahmed Lone says:

    Require quotation for CruxWeld TIG 250 – 1Phase machine with all standard accessories

  3. Jamil Khan says:

    I need tig welding machine for wood band saw blade joint welding .

  4. Ramakrishna says:

    This product available in Amazon or filipcort

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the interest in our welding machine. We at Cruxweld do not sell our product on any website except at https://www.cruxweld.com as a policy of welding machine supplier.

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  1. […] TIG 250 This is also called as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). The tungsten metal, a non-consumable electrode is used in this type off welding. In this welding, we may not require any filler wire and two metals can be joined together by a non-consumable electrode only. We can use filler wire if desire but that filler wire needs to be fed by hand only. The shielding gas to protect the weld zone is needed here. This gas may be available in the form of a tank or cylinder. The TIG welding process to be better performed indoors and always away from elements. The welded zone by TIG gives a very clean bead and does not require any cleaning as this welding is almost spatter free. All these traits in TIG welding make it a difficult welding process to be better reserved for the experienced welders only. When we need a high-quality finish and good quality of manufacturing then TIG may be the best advice. […]

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