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AC/DC TIG Welding Machine


Digital Inverter Controlled
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Product Description

The Cruxweld Industrial Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is tig welding machine manufacturers in india for the best quality and a wide range of ac dc tig welder.We find the usefulness of this tig welding set in stainless furniture, bicycle industries, various fitness equipment, repair and maintenance of various industries, container manufacturers, plant construction industry, pipeline industry, pressure vessel industry. The ac dc tig welder useful in both the modes. The DC welder is suitable for alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and titanium etc. while AC welder is very useful in aluminum and aluminum alloy and the combination of both AC and DC welder makes this equipment compact, light in weight, multipurpose MMA/TIG machine.

This is an inverter based machine the light and medium duty work is the domain of this machine.This has soft switch technology, reactive power correction, thermostatic protection over and under voltage, protection is available with this machine. This has the compact structure, steady intense arc, stable current, very reliable, durable and with low maintenance.

The machine has AC power supply, Tig welding control unit (TIGNITOR), Tig welding torch, Gas regulator and flow meter. The power supply is by 2/3 phase with higher OCV selection for smooth arc formation and step less. The TIG control unit is having HF Control with 0 to 10 Sec cut off, gas control with post flow/ pre-flow.of 0 to 10 Sec. The TIG torch is heavy duty 4-8 Mtr. lead with all accessories. Our machines are designed in such a way that they are noise free, with spatter-free welding, durable. The design is such that voltage fluctuation of 20% plus minus can be tolerated by the machines. We introduce the every latest equipment available to make our machine competitive in its performance and argon welding machine price also make it competitive. The team of our technical person make every step accountable and tested in manufacturing. Our tig welding set is highly appreciated all over and we do export to different countries.

Salient Features

  • The AC/DC TIG Welding with digital inverter HF and MMA(Stick) for constant inverter functioning of machine
  • This combination of AC and DC,  TIG permit deep penetration & thus significantly cut down electrode consumption
  • This machine has  special advanced pulsing characteristic for AC and DC for welding aluminum and aluminum alloys & carbon steel, stainless, copper and non-ferrous material, increasing  its travel speed and leads on to reducing warping
  • There is less distortion on thin metals as advanced pulse functions facilitate good control over heat inputs
  • They are portable and lightweight and design presents rugged exterior and a flip down to protect panel from burns and damage
  • They have adjustable slope up/down, gas Pre-flow and post-flow control for maximum shielding gas protection before and after the welding
  • The decrease in electrode consumption is there due to connection of AC and DC TIG which release regulars penetration automatically
  • The better and fast TIG welding mechanism available with pulse mode facilitates the welding
  • There is 2T/4T repeat application for welding with torch switch which we can select on the front panel.

Technical Data

Input voltageVoltAC415±15%
Max input KVA@100% duty cycleKVA9.5
Welding current range (TIG Mode)Amps5-315
Welding current range (MMA Mode)Amps10-300
Welding current @60% duty cycleAmps315
Degree of protectionClassIP23S
Gas pre-flow timesec0-5
Gas post flow timesec0.1-20
Current up slope timesec0-10
Current down slope timesec0-10
Pulse currentA5-315
Pulse width% 10-90
Pulse frequencyHz0.5-500
CoolingTypeForced Air
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm615x325x620
Weight (approx)Kg36
One comment on “TIG 315 AC/DC
  1. Rahil Khan says:

    This machine is purchased 2 yrs back. It is working still very good. Love to purchase in next month same model.

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