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Longitudinal Seam Welder

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Product Description

Longitudinal Seam Welder is designed for straight line welding of different metals with a thickness ranging from 0.1 mm to 10 mm The Longitudinal Seam Welder gives complete penetration on untacked cylinders and flat sheets without any heat and distortion of the material. This process optimizes the welding process and improves its quality of welding. This equipment is used for industries where filter elements, electric motors, automotive exhaust, vacuum components, water tanks, cryogenic vessels, aircraft components, flexible metal hose etc. are used. We along with many welding machine manufacturers in pune are making these seam welders. In this equipment, we use servo motor drive system for better driving. There are special clamping units for untacked joint in these seam welders. The tack provides accurate carriage travel with the help of precision torch movement with and machined beam. These are provided with high-quality heat sinks to remove the excess heat from the workpiece. We have provided outstanding visibility around the work area where welding is to be performed. We supply copper finger clamping which provides equal heat removal and the arc blow is removed virtually by them. There are continuous holding strips of thin material under 0.4mm. The torch is there along with pneumatic torch lift for better functioning. The carriage control is laced with a programmable control unit. The automatic wire feeder is also provided for the speed of the welding. There is an automatic system of pneumatic alignment gauges. The weight of the machine is range from 550Kg to 1250Kg depending upon the models we supply. The carriage height is 332mm and width is 350mm. The carriage drive on rack and pinion type joint. We along with other welding machine manufacturers in pune, supply our best products and we supply every single machine after an exhaustive trial and quality check in each and every product with very stable and strong packaging material





Salient Features

  • Longitudinal seam welding mechanism contribute linear welds on a wide variety of parts.
  • Fan cooled transformer having cold wire feed and high grade silicon steel
  • Structures with solid and sturdy base frames for least impact load
  • Efficient cooling system results least use of the electrode wheels
  • Application drive shafts establish nonslip drive
  • Leakage proof joints at much lower costs, than conventional welding
  • Concealed rocker arm pivot bearing carrying the roller shafts, assured longer-life of the roller heads
  • Heavy duty, thyristor controlled electronic timer with electronic heat regulation, to give stepless alteration of welding speed process, reduce welding costs and improve the quality of the weld

Technical Data

Input supplyVolt415±15%415±15%415±15%415±15%415±15%
PhaseNo2 (2 Lines of 3 Phase)2 (2 Lines of 3 Phase)2 (2 Lines of 3 Phase)2 (2 Lines of 3 Phase)2 (2 Lines of 3 Phase)
Nominal rating @ 50% duty cycleKVA5075100150200
Throat depth standardmm460460610610610
Throat gap (min)mm300300300350350
Standard strokemm100100100150150
Switch fuseAmp125200250400500
Air pressureKg/cm² 3-63-63-6 4-84-8
Electrode force at 5 kg/cm²KGF450450450950950
Water supply at 2.5 kg/cm²Ltr./min2030405060
Upper electrode dia/thickmm250/12250/12250/16250/16250/16
Air consumption/stroke (Max)Ltr.
Drive motor dcHP111.51.52
Welding capacity mild steelmm1+11.25+1.251.6+1.62+22.5+2.5
Welding capacity stainless steelmm0.8+0.81+11.25+1.251.6+1.62.0+2.0
Normal working heightmm900900900900900
Dimensions (HxWxL)mm1900x900x10501900x900x10501900x900x12001900x900x12001900x900x1200
Weight (approx)Kg700850110012501250
4 comments on “Longitudinal Seam Welder
  1. Bhavin Parekh says:

    We are looking to make tubes from sheet and want to do longitudinal seam welding upto 4 mm.


    i am looking for a seam welder for welding of sheet of mild steel of thickness 0.42mm and width 1200mm

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