Single Sided Spot Welder – Poke Welding Gun

CHS-10G, CHS-15G
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Cruxweld spot welding gun CHS series delivers high performance with rational design, reduced size, and high welding performance. In this series, we offer 10KVA and 15KVA handheld spot welders capable of welding from very thin to higher thicknesses of 2+2mm.
Cruxweld portable spot welder is the best for high-volume sheet metal and wire mesh production. This handheld spot welder features an air-cooled flexible cable to the spot gun for production work. Long gun cable length makes it easy to work in hard-to-reach areas.


The timer controller plays a vital role in handheld spot welding as less energy flows; this will not strengthen the weld, whereas if the energy transfer generates too much heat, the heat can hole through the weld. Thus, the timer controller regulates the energy supplied to prevent these conditions from occurring during weld production. It also helps the handheld spot welder complete the weld without overheating other areas of the material.
Copper material is ideal for spot welding electrodes with good thermal conductivity and low electrical resistance. A spot welder has a point contact with a resistive metal surface, where an electric current passes through the copper electrode. A high current flowing through a small weld area creates heat at that point and eventually at its joint. Two sheets or wires can join quickly without adding foreign materials in the spot welding process.
Established in 1977, Cruxweld specializes in everything to do with resistance spot welding machines. Cruxweld uniquely offers 230V and 415V handheld spot welders that are perfect for mass-production welding jobs. Made in India, these spot welders are well-made and durable. Versatility and proven reliability, Cruxweld spot welding guns are ideal for spot welding in the automotive industry, kitchen appliances, and repair shops. The single-sided spot welding machine has a built-in timer and a flexible spot welding gun design for easy use.

Spot Welding Gun Benefit

  • The CHS series is a portable spot welder with microprocessor control. 
  • It delivers the fastest and cleanest welds. 
  • Features for precise setting of welding time and current. 
  • The flexible 3-meter spot welding gun length enhances its versatility. 
  • The minimum thickness of the weld is from 0.02+0.02 mm to the maximum of 2+2 mm. 
  • Adjustable electronic welding timer.
  • Unlike other more complex spot welding techniques, it is a simple and fast process.  
  • Equipment on wheels for easy movement. 
  • This portable spot welding process can be easily automated using welding robots. 
  • This equipment does not require any pneumatic or hydraulic supply to operate. 


Model CHS-10G CHS-15G
Rating @ 50% duty cycle, kVA 10 15
Input supply, V AC230/415±15% AC415±15%
Phase I/II II
Frequency, Hz 50/60 50/60
No load voltage (max.), V 11 11
Primary line current (max.), A 48 48
Output current selection 6-steps  6-steps
Time control Solid-state electronic timer Solid-state electronic timer
Insulation H H
Transformer cooling Air-cooled Air-cooled
Earth cable length, m 2 2
Output main cable length, m 3 3
Gun and control cable weight (approx), kg 6.5 8
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 490x780x680 520x800x680
Weight (approx), kg 48 52


Hand Operated Spot Welding Machine Poke Gun Type – Resistance Welding- Portable Spot Welding Machine is the best quality in the Indian & International markets. Cruxweld makes 10KVA and 15KVA Hand Operated Spot Welding Machine Poke Gun Type spot welders. It is a thyristor-based electronic controller spot welding machine. The machine has the arrangement to vary the current stepwise. The device has a weld time adjustable from 1 to 100 cycles. This is a portable welding machine and has a poke gun-type electrode.
The device works on the principle of spot welding, where the heat production from resistance to electric current joins the two metal surfaces. The workpieces are held in position tightly by the electrodes. The electrodes are specially designed with a copper alloy. These electrodes have the feature of producing more heat at a point or spot which is tightly held by the electrodes, thus producing spot welding. The spot welding process involves heating the specific area; the surface near the welding surface does not exhibit any heat.
The energy produced at the site of the spot depends upon the resistance between the electrode and the magnitude of the current supplied. The common uses for spot welding are sheet metal and wire mesh. The commonest industry where the machine can be used is the automobile industry as in-car manufacturing and steel furniture. Orthodontics is the other place where small-size spot welders may be used. It may be used in Nickel-Cadmium spots in battery welding.
We have been in the Indian market for over three decades and produce the best quality spot welding machine. The design of our device conforms to international standards. The specification matches none less than the best available in the market. We are a major supplier to international and government departments.


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  1. harshit goyal says:

    can i get a 10 kva spot welding machine poke gun

    1. Sure

      1. Vincent Hoang says:

        Dear Sir,

        We want to weld 2 metal sheets 1.2mm by single side spot welding machine

        Please suggest us suitable machine and quotation

        Thanks and waiting for your reply,
        Vincent Hoang
        Viber, Whatapp: +84.962926611

    2. Sure sir

  2. Gaurav Grover says:

    Need 10kva single side spot welding poke gun machine

    1. Yes, sir, the team will revert you.

  3. Gaurav Grover says:

    No. 9923666694

  4. Ankit Vishwakarma says:

    Needed 10KVA single sided spot welding machine please proved me price and other details.thank you waiting for your reply

    1. We will be in touch with you.

  5. Masarrat Raj says:

    We require Poke Welding Gun. request you to kindly quote your price & other details.
    so that we can order as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Thank you for the enquiry we will do the needful.

  6. We Have Require Spot Welding Machine For SS Items( Furniture)

    1. Thanks, our team will contact you.

  7. Ashok Somani says:

    What sheet thickness in MS & SS I can weld with a 10 kVA & 15 kVA gun.

    1. We will revert you with possible details. Kindly share your mobile number or better understanding.

  8. Amir Ali khan says:

    Plz provide the price single sided spot wielding machine…

    1. We will do the needful.

    2. Arvind soni says:

      I want to buy this machine

  9. Rameshkumar says:

    3+3 ms and as .Recommend suitable
    Hand pressed spot welding machine

  10. Blagoj Chulev says:

    What thickness for ms/ss, and the price for single sided spot welder CHS-10G

    1. The team from Cruxweld thank you for the interest in our product. We will revert you with our techno commercial details .

  11. Satish Patnaik says:

    Sir Namashkar,
    We are in need of Single Sided Spot Welder – Poke Welding Gun model no-CHS10G,
    Sir kindly send Price and Machine details.
    Thank you, and waiting for your reply

    1. Thank you. Our sales team will do the needful.

  12. Emmanuel Monsalud says:

    Please email me regarding the ff:
    1. suitable model of SINGLE SIDED SPOT WELDING MACHINE for 2 x 2.5mm mild steel
    2. need one that can be supplied by 220V, single phase
    3. How much in USD, CIF to Port of Manila by airfreight?
    4. Is it in stock?
    5. How do we buy the consumable parts?

  13. Kris Valenzano says:

    I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this site. I’m hoping to view the same high-grade blog posts from you in the future as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own, personal blog now 😉

    1. Thank you, we will try to do our best in future.

  14. Is this single handed spot welding is 100%succesfull or not
    How frequently this machine need to be repairedis there any complaint in this machine.

    1. This is a very successful model and if used judiciously, then hardly need any repairs for any years.

  15. Dr. Ravindra Kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    We want to weld 1.2 mm steel sheets over hollow square steel pipe of thickness 1.5 mm for fire resisting door. Please suggest the spot welding machine with quotation.

  16. Nripendra says:

    What price of 10 kva ?

  17. Can you suggest a machine that can “grab” dents that have occurred in stainless sm that can be removed easily after the weld to provide minimum damage to be repaired (ie. Varying grades/gauges of stainless steel such as is used to fabricate and build appliances – Subzero, Thermador, etc.)?

  18. Steve Dwerlkotte says:

    I am looking for a 5 kVA single side spot welder to weld repair patches in thin stainless steel insulation blankets

    could you provide price and availability?

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