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Plasma Cut 120

Digital Inverter Controlled
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Product Description

Salient Features

  • Energy efficient outfit, built in with high efficiency and high power factor power source, saves power consumption and reduce energy bills up to 30%
  • Air filter cum regulator assembly provided as a standard accessories to ensure clean cut, compressed air for excellent cut quality
  • Adjustable Post Flow cooling allows the torch to cool down after the cut and enhance consumable and torch life
  • Uses a high-frequency ignition, without interaction with the workpiece with more precise and faster cutting
  • Cutting parameters stability within ±20% mains voltage fluctuations for long lasting consumable parts
  • Separate selector switch for checking ‘Air Pressure’
  • Appropriate for cutting any type of metal with no difficulty
  • Arc factor electronic control for an outstanding cutting quality
  • Light weight, compact, energy efficient power source cut down overall cutting cost
  • Distortion free, dross free, burr free, narrow kerf width, exceptionally clean and smooth cut
  • Flexible starting with Pilot arc improves functioning and cutting on impure, painted, or rusted metals

Technical Data

Input voltageVoltAC415±15%
Max input KVA@100% duty cycleKVA19.5
Rated input currentAmps38
Open circuit voltageVolts 310
Cutting current rangeAmps20-120
Cutting current @60% duty cycleAmps120
Power factorCosΦ0.93
Degree of protectionClassIP23S
Air pressure requiredPsi75-90
Fine cutting thickness capacitymm40
Severance cutting thickness capacitymm44
CoolingTypeForced Air
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm670x320x640
Weight (approx)Kg52

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