250 Amp AC/DC TIG Welder for Steel and Aluminum

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The Cruxweld iTIG250ACDC Pulse TIG Welding Machine is a rugged, portable, and versatile dual-function (TIG and Stick) all-in-one welding machine. The unit can switch between AC or DC TIG welding, making it suitable for use with most ferrous and ferrous materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, brass, titanium, and aluminum. The pulse function of this aluminum welding machine combined with the HF start makes it the ideal choice for welders who want to perform high-quality TIG welding on very thin materials without distortion.


The Cruxweld iTIG250ACDC is designed for superior industrial performance. This single-phase TIG welder features digital inverter technology and a welding power of up to 250A, making it the top choice for welders. The modular design of the IGBT creates a highly reliable platform that is built to last for years. This machine has many features that add value to users.
One of the extremely useful features is the Advanced Pulse in AC which can greatly increase penetration while welding aluminum. It combines waveform control, AC frequency, and AC balance control to turn your welder into an advanced aluminum welder. A toggle switch can be used to change AC or DC mode, making setup quick and easy for novice or advanced users.
The iTIG250ACDC Pulse TIG Welder is versatile to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professional welders. Especially for TIG AC and TIG pulsed AC aluminum welding. High performance with a set of pulse characteristics Includes TIG welding at 250 amps AC or DC with a current range from 5 to 250 amps, as well as the stick welding function.


  • IGBT module technology improves reliability and performance.
  • High frequency (HF) starting for precise arc control.
  • A simple menu design allows you to quickly select and adjust settings.
  • Suitable for welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, and other materials.
  • Capable of welding very thin materials, especially aluminum.
  • The iTIG250ACDC square wave inverter enables precise welding of fine aluminum materials.
  • Excellent stick welding properties with the most common sticks (6010, 6013, 7018) available on the market.
  • Self-adjustable arc force for stable operation while under long-distance welding.
  • Easy setting of pre-flow, post-flow, start current, up and down slope time, and end current level.


Model  iTIG250ACDC
Input voltage, VAC AC220±10%, 1-Ph, 50/60Hz
Rated input peak current, A 30
Power capacity, kVA 6.5 
Output current range (TIG), A 5-250
Output current range (MMA), A  10-250
Arc force current range, A 0-50
Spot welding time, S 0.5-10
No load voltage with VRD, V
No load voltage without VRD, V 56
Duty cycle, % 60
Pre-flow time, S 0.1-10
Up-slop time, S  0-10
Down-slop time, S 0-15 
Post-flow time, S  0.5-15
Pulse frequency, Hz 0.2-500
Pulse width, % 1-99
Remote control Yes
Arc start HF start
Efficiency, % 85
Power factor, cosθ 0.93
Insulation grade H
Enclosure protection class IP23
Dimensions, mm 590x345x485
Weight, kg 32


TIG AC/DC standard accessories include:

  • TIG torch (complete set)
  • Grounding cable clamp
  • Input power lead
  • Argon regulator
  • Flow meter
  • Product manual


  • Reliable digital inverter pulse mode AC/DC TIG welding, with HF and MMA (Stick) for constant inverter functioning
  • A combination of AC and DC TIG permits deep penetration and significantly cut down electrode consumption
  • Present special advanced Pulse characteristics for AC and DC for welding aluminum and aluminum alloys & carbon steel, stainless, copper, and non-ferrous material, increasing travel speed and reducing warping.
  • Advanced pulse functions facilitate better control over heat input, resulting in less distortion on thin metals
  • The Portable and Lightweight design presents a rugged exterior and a flip-down visor to protect the panel from burns and damage
  • Adjustable slop up/down, Gas Pre-flow and Post-flow control for maximum shielding gas protection before and after weld
  • The connection of AC and DC TIG releases regulars penetration and automatically decreases electrode consumption
  • Available characteristics like pulse mode facilitate a better and fast TIG welding mechanism
  • 2T/4T and repeat function selectable on the front panel


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  1. Suryanarayana says:

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  2. Please I am in Nigeria and I am new into stainless rails and I need the TIG 200 but will also need to know more about it. I sell the pipes and also want to go into the welding both argon and arc welding

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  8. Unnikrishnan M P says:

    What is the price of TIG200AC/DC is there any dealer in kerala

  9. Sir . Iwant to buy this machine for copper welding purpose.

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    I want a quotation for TIG-200ACDC
    Will be using for Aluminum its alloy and steel

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