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The TIG 200 DC gives you full control of your HF TIG welding and delivers amazing results from start to finish. This dual-function TIG welding machine can weld stainless steel, mild steel in DC TIG mode, and Stick (MMA) weld in arc mode. With a portable 15A plug and HF TIG capability, it is a professional tool for any job site. High-frequency TIG (HF) welding gives you more control over the start and stops of the arc. The arc can be ignited without contact with the workpiece, reducing the risk of contamination of tungsten or welds.


Our industrial TIG welding machine is designed for welding mild steel, stainless steel, and copper alloys. Its characteristics and technology allow it to perform TIG welding with exceptional precision, and in MMA welding, it can melt cellulose electrodes with ease. The iTIG200DC is a lightweight, compact IGBT inverter power source with an integrated HF module.

There is a self-sensing circuit to sense the 110-240 volt range and supply 10 to 200 amps DC. Instantaneous ignition of the arc occurs thanks to the high-frequency start function without tungsten contamination. Our TIG welding machine is a high-frequency inverter technology for welding thin and thick steel with equal precision and ease.


  • iTIG200DC is best suited for high-frequency TIG welding and stick (MMA) welding.
  • Excellent arc properties – perfect high-frequency ignition, more stable, concentrated, and fast arc.
  • Simple control panel – full control, easy configuration.
  • Overcurrent and overheat protection.
  • 10-200A DC output power supply.
  • Stick weld in DC positive/negative.
  • DC TIG and ARC (MMA) dual-purpose welding mechanism.
  • Revolutionary design assures effortless mobility.
  • Supreme ignition feature, even with long TIG torches.
  • Outstanding welding features in TIG & MMA with any type of electrodes, cellulosic included.
  • Self-regulating compensation for mains voltage fluctuations within ±20%.
  • Great accuracy when handling with generator sets.
  • IP 23S rating designed & approved for outdoor use.
  • Arc Force Control for Stick use helps minimal Spatter, reduces cleaning time of parts and fixturing, and improves arc feature and functioning.
  • Fixed program post-flow timer save tungsten tip, workpiece, and torch.
  • High-frequency TIG starting to simplify the process to discover an arc under a variety of situations.
  • Risk-free to use in damp or humid welding atmospheres, as a result, controlled Open Circuit Voltage.


Model  iTIG200DC
Input voltage, V AC230±10%, 1-Ph, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacity, kVA 5.2
Rated output voltage (V) 18
Oven circuit voltage (OCV), V 75
Maximum input current, A 33.8
Output current range (TIG), A 10-200
Output current range (ARC), A 20-200
Arc start HF
Power factor, Cosθ 0.93
No load voltage, V 56
Efficiency (%) 85
Degree of protection IP23
Insulation H
TIG welding thickness, mm 0.5-6.35
Suitable electrode diameter, mm Ø 2.5-3.15
Power source cooling Forced air
Dimensions, mm 420x160x310
Weight, kg 8


TIG standard accessories include:

TIG torch (complete set)
Grounding cable clamp
Input power lead
Argon regulator
Flow meter
Product manual


Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG) or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) is an arc welding process where a non-consumable electrode is used for the welding. The weld area and electrode are protected from oxidation by the inert shielding gas which may be Argon or Helium. The filler metal is usually used in welding. The tig welding equipment is used for thin sheets of stainless steel and nonferrous material like Aluminium, magnesium, and copper alloys. This is not useful in welding Zinc alloy. The constant electric power supply produces an arc that passed through the gas to vapors of the metal.

This welding process needs a trained welder as this process of welding needs to use both hands very judicially. Here one hand is used to hold the torch to produce the arc and the second hand is used for the filler wire. We are argon welding machine manufacturers and produce a wide variety of tig welders in every segment. Our tig welding equipment manufacturers team is highly qualified and keeps on researching about the constant improvement to make the tig welder more compact, handier, control the argon machine price, more efficient machine,  to produce a better arc for the tig welder. We produce TIG welding machines for Indian customers with the best argon welding machine price in India. We export our machine to Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Our argon welding set keeps on working for almost 24 hours without any break. It can be used for the longest hour as our team of service engineers is available across India. You can put your complaint in the company and we try to resolve the issue in one day time. These machines we manufacture are portable as there we have used Mosfet, IGBT, transformer all in a circuit to make it handy and portable.


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    Give me price
    tig with mma arc machine hai na

    1. Thank you for visiting Cruxweld. We will do the needful.

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    Need Quote for tig 200 pulse machine. Plz send best quote to rohanj24@gmail.com .
    Also please send your total product catalogue.

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    200amp tig& arc welding machine price,warranty

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  5. RAKHIBUL SK says:

    EA machine 2 in 1 he kiya

    1. The team Cruxweld thank you for the enquiry. This machine can work for argon welding and arc welding and two in one welding machine.

    1. The team thank you for the need you asked . We will send you the details about TIG welding machine.

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  7. Sayan Kundu says:

    I want to do Aluminium and steel welding for some of my DIY projects. The width of the metal won’t go beyond 15 mm. will it be okay for that? If yes please quote me for this. And share retailer contact at Kolkata.

  8. Thank you. Please subscribe our video youtube channel Cruxweld Tech for more and more updates

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    Tig 200 price

  10. Harry welder says:

    it is the best ever welder i have found in my life. its really awesome to have it and working with it.

  11. Need Quote for tig 200 pulse machine. Plz send best quote to fabswelds@gmail.com
    Also please send your total product catalogue.

  12. Ramkrishna Debnath says:

    Total product catalog with price pls

  13. tig welder says:

    Highly informative article
    you have rightly explained everything. The beauty of your post is that you have explained welding step by step and covered almost everything about the welding

    1. Thank you for your appreciation.

  14. Sanjay kumar singh says:

    Just I saw your video on YouTube. I am interested in this product. Please send me the price details on my email.
    Thank you

    1. The sales team will do the needful.

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    200amp tig& arc welding machine price,warranty

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    I want tig aluminium welding machine
    500 amp
    With water cooler inbuilt

  19. Santosh Kumar Singh says:

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    We have two tig crux weld machine we need spares for that please help

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