400A DC TIG Welder

Argon Welding - CWTIG400IJ
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The Cruxweld CWTIG400iJ is a fully digital TIG DC power supply. With amperage selections from 10A to 400A, this machine is ideal for mobile job sites and factory production operations. The Cruxweld CWTIG400iJ TIG welder is a robust construction for long service life and an exceptionally easy-to-understand operating concept.
Cruxweld TIG welder is ideal for light to heavy-duty general industrial structural welding on both factory and project sites, including the construction of power plants, refineries, cement plants, and more.


When weld appearance is essential in the field, the first thing that comes to mind is TIG welding. In TIG welding, argon is used as an inert gas to protect the molten weld and the tungsten electrodes from oxidation. It is also known as argon welding due to the use of argon as a shielding gas. In this process, the arc generates between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the workpiece. The TIG welding machine does not require a wire feeder, as the filler material inserts manually.  

Cruxweld TIG Welder Benefits: 

  • Non-contact soft HF ignition is the simplest arc ignition option.
  • Robust, compact, and revolutionary design provides versatility. The TIG-400 welder is the lightest TIG power source available with three-phase power. 
  • It is a dual-function mode TIG welder, also used for MMA welding.
  • The arc force function ensures arc stability for perfect welding.
  • Stable output with automatic compensation for +/- 20% mains voltage fluctuations. 
  • The CWTIG40iJ TIG welder offers greater control over welding and the ability to weld thin metal. 
  • Suitable for thin and thick materials due to low starting current.
  • It is lightweight and energy efficient with high-efficiency inverter technology TIG welder. 
  • The high power factor and high efficiency provide energy savings of up to 30% compared to thyristor rectifiers. 
  • Equipped with protection against overvoltage, under-voltage, overload, and single-phase switching. 
  • The robust design is ideal for rough operating conditions and heavy use on project sites. 
  • The arc force adjustment function on the front panel is convenient for welders to operate. 


Model CWTIG400IJ
Input voltage (V)  AC415±15%
Phase 3
Frequency 50/60
Technology IGBT module
Rated input capacity (kVA) 16.5
Rated input current (A) 26/20
Rated output voltage (V)  36/26
Output current range (TIG) 10-400 
Output current range (ARC)  20-400
Arc force current range (A) 0-100
Power factor (cosθ 0.93
No load voltage (V) 70 
Efficiency (%)  85 
Degree of protection IP23 
Insulation  H
Power source cooling Forced air
Torch cooling Air/water-cooled
Dimensions (mm) 675x385x630
Weight (kg) 38 


TIG standard accessories include:

  1. TIG Torch (Complete Set)
  2. Grounding Cable Clamp
  3. Input Power Lead
  4. Argon Regulator
  5. Flow Meter
  6. Product Manual


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