FINELINE CUT-160 Plasma Cutter

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High definition plasma cutting technique is the mainstay of this equipment. It cuts heavy metals by the high current of inverter technology with great ease and high precision. The powered equipment with fine and precise cutting. It works for conductive metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and alloys.



Mark features

    • Clean cut 45mm, severance cut 50mm
    • Digital inverter-controlled plasma cutter
    • Variable cutting control
    • HF ignition
    • LED display
    • Smooth precision cutting
    • Built-in pressure regulator
    • Suitable for automatic cutting
    • Wheels are attached for easy handling

The FINELINE CUT-160 plasma cutter is designed for manual and automatic air plasma cutting applications with a 100% duty cycle. This CNC interface-based plasma cutting machine is ideal for stainless steel, carbon steel and alloys, aluminum and its alloys, brass, copper, and cast iron.
The unit is equipped with a heavy-duty torch for cutting in hard-to-reach places and in any position. The CUT 160 plasma cutter features non-contact arc ignition and pilot arc. The cutters can be used in production processes, workshops, retrofits, and scrap cutting.
The FINELINE CUT-160 plasma cutter is based on the latest digitally controlled inverter technology to reduce electromagnetic interference and low power losses, increase energy efficiency and reliability and reduce energy consumption. The circuit breaker is equipped with thermal overload protection. Its advantages are low weight and smooth current control, which guarantees a high cutting quality of the material. The portability, dust, and moisture-free design make this plasma cutter ideal for indoor and outdoor work.

Salient features

    • The starting of the cutting process is easy due to a pilot arc availability, and can work on rusty, and painted metals.
    • The machine offers variable cut control, allowing the operator to make precise and smooth cuts.
    • It can cut every type of metal with great ease due to universal torches. The consumables and service parts are inexpensive to make the process pocket friendly.
    • The post-flow feature of cooling the torch after the cutting process makes the life of the torch longer.
    • Electronically controlled arc parameters offer the best cutting quality. 
    • Distortion-free, clean-cutting, burr-free cutting parameters make it unique.
    • Energy-efficient, long-lasting, high power factor, and reliable make the cutting giant a miracle to the user.
    • Fluctuations resistance, long-lasting consumables, and power-saving features are commendable.
    • Power bill saving, inexpensive consumables, and reliability make it a preferred choice.
    • An accurate air pressure control system is a great feature for accurate and precise cutting.


Model  FINELINE 160
Input voltage  380/415V±15%
Phase 3
Frequency  50/60Hz
Max input KVA@100% duty cycle 26.5KVA
Rated input current 44A
Open circuit voltage 320V
Cutting current range 20-160A
Cutting current @60% duty cycle 160A
Power factor (Cosθ) 0.93
Efficiency 85%
Degree of protection  IP23S
Insulation H
Air pressure required 85-110psi
Fine cutting thickness 45mm
Severance cutting thickness 50mm
Cooling  Forced air
Dimensions (LxWxH) 670x320x640mm
Weight (approx) 62kg


Plasma cut standard accessories include:

  • Air plasma cutting torch (complete set)
  • Air regulator
  • Grounding cable clamp
  • Input power lead
  • Tips, electrodes, cups & rings
  • User manual


  • Appropriate for precise cutting of any type of metal at high cutting speed.
  • Accurate and very stable Arc factor electronic control for outstanding cutting quality.
  • A lightweight, compact, energy-efficient power source cut down overall cutting costs.
  • Distortion-free, dross-free, burr-free, narrow kerf width, exceptionally clean and smooth cut.
  • Flexible starting with Pilot arc improves functioning and cutting on impure, painted, or rusted metals.
  • Cutting parameters stability within ±20% mains voltage fluctuations for long-lasting consumable parts.
  • Uses a high-frequency ignition, without interaction with the workpiece with more precise and faster cutting.
  • Adjustable Post Flow cooling allows the torch to cool down after the cut and enhances consumable and torch life.
  • Air filter cum regulator assembly provided as standard accessories to ensure a clean cut, compressed air for excellent cut quality.
  • Energy efficient outfit, built-in with high efficiency and high power factor power source, saves power consumption and reduces energy bills up to 30%.


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