FINELINE CUT-100 Plasma Cutter

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The FINELINE 100 plasma cutting machine is compact equipment, portable, and lower in cost. The IGBT technology of the modern era ensures sustainable performance with a high duty cycle and a high power performance. This plasma cutting machine equipment is laden with IGBT technique, pilot arc 2 stroke/4 stroke ignition, and fast heat release technology. with a cutting capacity of 25 mm, and 300 mm per minute cutting speed.


Its pilot arc striking system permits an easy start and offers a clean cut on electrically conductive metal such as stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminum, and copper. The overload protection along with a high-power fan prevents overheating and offers high-quality cutting performance for a longer period of time.

Distinct Key Features

  • HF Nontouch pilot arc torch is available for fine cutting through rough, painted, and rusty metal surfaces with minimal slag. The cutting is possible without touching the metal with the best cutting quality and for a longer period of time.
  • The advanced cooling system, under-voltage, and over-voltage protection ensure safe, stable, durable, and high-quality performance.
  • This affordable plasma cutting machine comes with CNC Interface to provide a 1.1 arc voltage command and assess the signal for numerical signal successfully to make an external cutting regulatory mechanism.
  • It is applicable for a large number of metals like mild steel, stainless steel aluminum, alloy, copper, etc. It is widely used in repair & maintenance, ducting, metal processing, site work, manufacturing unit, automotive, and big industries.
  • IGBT inverter and distinct panel, soft switch, LED display, and clear front panel. We can judge immediately the overheating, and erratic supply while operating the unit.
  • The pug cutter and circular cutter can make it semi-automatic while CNC can make it automatic.


  • Plasma cutting machine appropriate for cutting any type of metal with no difficulty.
  • Separate selector switch for checking ‘Air Pressure’.
  • Arc factor electronic control for outstanding cutting quality.
  • A lightweight, compact, energy-efficient power source cut down overall cutting costs.
  • Distortion-free, dross-free, burr-free, narrow kerf width, exceptionally clean and smooth cut.
  • Flexible starting with Pilot arc improves functioning and cutting on impure, painted, or rusted metals.
  • Cutting parameters stability within ±20% mains voltage fluctuations for long-lasting consumable parts.
  • Uses a high-frequency ignition, without interaction with the workpiece with more precise and faster cutting.
  • Adjustable Post Flow cooling allows the torch to cool down after the cut and enhances consumable and torch life.
  • Air filter cum regulator assembly provided as standard accessories to ensure a clean cut, compressed air for excellent cut quality.
  • Energy efficient outfit, built-in with high efficiency and high power factor power source, saves power consumption and reduces energy bills up to 30%.



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  1. RAKESH YADAV says:

    Dear Sir/Mam
    I need a Air Plasma cutting machine need for metal 16mm thick fine cutting.Send Quotation.


    1. We will do the needful.

    2. Call me sir 9969134594

  2. Ashok Pathrabe says:

    Arc is not coming for cutting plate in Cut 100 machine what’s problem?

    1. We will look in to it.

  3. ANSHU RAJ says:


  4. Synergy Engineers says:

    Need one plasma cutting machine for thickness up to 8 mm.
    Please send an offer

  5. Narsing Rao says:

    This cutting machine have any welding option please confirm

  6. Tapas Santra says:

    To cut 1 mm to 8 mm ss plate and 3 mm to 44 mm ms plate which model(amp) is effective

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