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portable stick welder

ARC 200

Digital Inverter Based
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Product Description

The ARC welding machine or stick welding equipment is used to weld metal to metal by creating enough heat to melt the metal using electricity.The melted metal once cool unite the metal where electric power is used to create an arc between the electrode and the metal.This is also called shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and manual metal arc welding (MMAW) and stick welding equipment. We are very experienced arc welding machine manufacturer since 1997. We are very experienced in inverter based stick welding equipment and make a wide range of welding equipment.We supply this machine to many Government Deptt. and is highly recommended by them.

This machine is based on inverter technology. This machine is very light in weight and we can shift to the site very easily. The design of this machine is trendy and we make it be more effective in the welding process. We supply this machine of arc 200 across the India. We are exporting our arc welder to different countries like Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.We are the main supplier in Govt Dept.where we are supplying since 1997. We use best quality raw material and take care of assembling of all Indian based components to make our welder world class.The big variety of electrode can be used. The welding machine price is the major concern at Cruxweld. This machine may work in the different position. The arc welding machine which we supply in India is very good in design. Once welder use this machine they find the results are very encouraging. This is a process where ARC welding machine of 200 amp is used to weld to surfaces.

We find the welding machine we supply passed through the very stringent quality control steps to make the machine most efficient than the competitive brand available in the market. The team of engineers in manufacturing units are very much experienced and all are qualified.

Salient Features

  • This ARC welding machine is best suited for on-site application where the additional cable can be used and can be taken the help of an alternator
  • A big range of electrode can be used by ARC 200 so a big range of welding process can be done in different positions
  • This is compact, handy, very light in weight and can carry from one place to other very easily
  • The voltage regulation here is automatic within range of 20%
  • The machine is bridged all around by low input voltage
  • With our machine spatters are minimum thus reducing the time to fixture the objects and then cleaning
  • The ARC 200 from Cruxweld is very energy efficient and save a lot of energy
  • We are careful with precision in welding with a stable ARC of our company
  • This machine ARC 200 inverter base machine is approved for outdoor use
  • Novice can run this machine with good results

Technical Data

Input voltageVoltAC220±15%
Max input KVA@100% duty cycleKVA4
Open circuit voltage @240 VacVolts65±5%
Welding current rangeAmps10-200
Welding current @60% duty cycleAmps 200
Welding current @100% duty cycleAmps135
Power factorCosΦ0.93
Idle powerW16
Degree of protectionClassIP23S
Generator compatibleYes
Suitable electrode diametermmΦ1.6, 2.5, 3.2 and intermittent 4
CoolingTypeForced Air
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm410x150x300
Weight (approx)Kg5.5
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  1. Joby george says:

    I am interested, do you have suplear in kerala, how will be price

  2. Anup Kumar Singhania says:

    I am interested to purchase arc 200 machine. Please send offer
    Anup Singhania
    Sri Venkateswara Marble Industries,
    B – 13, Industrial Estate
    Visakhapatnam 530007

  3. Ashish Dharu says:

    I want to buy 04 nos. please send us your best offer.

    Ashish Dharu,
    Shiv Engineering Works,
    +91 9033960347


    I want Welding machine and cutter machine so please send the details

  5. Konchada Suresh says:

    I won’t 01 no please price sent my email address


    Hello I’m interested in Arc/Mig weldeing send me your best offer.

  7. Sadanand singh bhadauria says:

    I am interested to purchase arc 200 machine. Please send rate & place of availabilty
    Sadanand Singh
    Korba CG

  8. Bishnupada karmakar says:

    Can it work with steel weldin?

  9. Abhishek Khare says:

    Any sales representative in bhopal m.p

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