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Engine Driven Welders
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The Cruxweld Welding Generator delivers 300A of welding power and operates electrodes up to 5mm in diameter. These include electrodes such as the 7018 Low Hydrogen Electrode for high-strength welding, cellulose-type electrodes typically used for repairing dirty or rusted metal or general welding, and hard-facing electrodes. It offers easy arc starting and adjustable arc force control, allowing smooth and stable arc welding with all welding electrodes.


Cruxweld CWG series welding generators can weld all welding electrodes up to 5 mm and utilize Cruxweld’s Power Optimizer technology to maximize engine power output. This control method is to avoid motor overload near the power limit. This technology allows full use of the engine’s power for stable and optimum operation in all welding conditions.

A welding generator is a perfect solution for places with insufficient main power. Cruxweld welding generator offers a combination welding generator and power supply that allows you to weld anywhere. Our welding generators are so versatile that you can use them as stand-alone generators to power other electrical equipment. When choosing a welding generator, you first need to know whether it is suitable for all types of electrodes and how many amperes it has. 

Many welders prefer our engine-driven welders for their reliability and durability. They withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments and have provided reliable service for many years. They are all backed by an extensive warranty and support service, ensuring any problems are quickly and efficiently solved. A full-service repair facility provides a quick response to any breakdown, and you can also contact our dealers for a welding generator for rent. Technical support and on-site demos are available at all distribution centers. 

Cruxweld Welding Generator Benefits 

  • The CWG-30AD is a powerful and robust welder generator that provides excellent arc characteristics for all welding electrodes, including cellulosic types.
  • A generator welding machine can continuously weld with electrodes up to 5.00mm and is protected from overload and overheating for operator safety.
  • The versatile Cruxweld welding generator has a 5kW 110V AC auxiliary output that is switchable between 50/60Hz and is independent of the welding output, allowing the use of other site tools.  
  • Available in manual and electric start welding generator diesel with dual cylinder diesel engine, automatic idle switch, and 10-liter fuel tank providing up to 8 to 10 hours of non-stop operation.  
  • Enabling earth leakage circuit breakers can improve site safety.
  • The engine will shut down automatically when the oil level is low to increase safety.
  • Save time and money with a reliable engine that saves fuel and runs without refueling for a long time. 
  • Suitable for various applications, including mobile welding, site fabrication, maintenance, and pipe welding. 


Specification CWG-25AD CWG-30AD
Domestic supply capacity, V 4.5KW/230V/60V 5.5KW/230V/60V
Frequency, Hz 50/60 50/60
Diesel engine rating, hp 10 14
Cylinder Double Double 
Welding current range, A 40 – 250 40 – 300
Rated voltage, V 60 60
Engine speed, rpm 1500 1800
Fuel Diesel  Diesel
Fuel tank capacity, l 10 10
Start Electric  Electric 
Insulation H H
Suitable electrode diameter, mm 2.5, 3.2 and 4 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5
Cooling Air Air
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1120x650x1300 1120x650x1300


  • Four-state welding voltage regulator.
  • Low or high current usage switch.
  • Natural protection for undesirable situations.
  • Significant for all-around rugged preservation.
  • Additional protection against output devastation.
  • Heavy-duty, field-provided architecture for long life.
  • Hand cranking as well as a 12 Volt electric start alternative.
  • A. C. welding current sufficient to run 2.5 to 5 mm electrode gently.
  • A lot of operations! Grinder, work lights, pump, motor starting, or emergency power.
  • Excellent welding quality, uninterrupted welding arc & continuous use without a break.
  • Designed in semi-brushless technology and modern technology is used for long life.

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