Portable Hand Operated Spot Welder

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Portable hand operated spot welder – Cruxweld spot welding machine manufacturers in india and supplier for the biggest range of welding machine, cutting machine, spot welding machine, stud welding machine, and CNC machines.The machine is manufactured with a genuine raw material of different thickness. The spot welding machine price is the sole concern of everyone. The Cruxweld is the company where the quality is the real concern. We as welding machine manufacturers, supply the portable hand operated spot welding machine in India and overseas.The resistance welding is the domain of Cruxweld where the resistance welding is designed to make it more stable, compact and with less maintenance.

Portable hand operated spot welder which we supply is useful in industries where a spot in the small workpiece is required. The spot welder here is having integrated transformer and controller and work for the industries. The Cruxweld is working since 1997 for the quality welding machine. The manufacturing is controlled ba trained, dedicated, informed, enthusiastic and hard working team of the technical crew. The team works tirelessly for the better design, portability, energy saver, and economical with the best spot welding machine price to the client without compromising the quality of welding machine.

The welding machine manufacturing at Cruxweld is a mission, not a business. Here we are as a team very much concerned about the quality and welding machine price as we supply our welding equipment all over India and overseas. We have registration with NSIC for our welding machine manufacturing in India. The machine we make are latest in designing and q=equipped with all latest technology like VRD, igbt, and soft switch technology. The international standard of manufacturing is taken care as these international standards are very high and difficult to adhere with. But we at Cruxweld take care of these standards to make us a brand Cruxweld as most popular, competitive, stable and economical brand.


  • TRANSFORMER – Structured for low impedance with immense short circuit current and minor damage, accurate cooling and padding along with winding impregnation to strengthen reliability and service life
  • CONSTRUCTION – Construct with streamlined exterior, properly stablized at points of spot. The transformer is fixed directly on to the frame and the bearings for the arm are equiped in the same
  • ELECTRONIC CONTROL AND GUN- Solid state precision electronic timer implemented in hand operated machines and Gun is designed for maximum flexibility  & to produce high pressure on electrodes with minimum user force
  • ADJUSTMENT OF ELECTRODE STROKE – By up-and-down arrangement of electrode, massive range of alternative arms and electrodes possible
  • APPLICATIONS – Spot welding, electro-brazing, cross wire welding, resistance heating and soldering. The machine is also capable of welding stainless steel, brass, phosphor, bronze, alloy steel etc.


Specification Unit CHS-2.5
Rating @ 50% duty cycle KVA 2.5
Throat depth mm 250
Nominal throat clearance mm 80
Nominal throat clearance mm 230
Mild steel welding thickness range (min. to max.) 2 x mm 0.2 to 1.2
Stainless steel welding thickness range (min. to max.) 2 x mm 0.1 to 0.9
Maximum available short circuit current KA 7
Insulation Class F
Cooling for arms and electrodes Type Air
Electrode stroke (max.) mm 25
Mains supply voltage Volt AC 230
Phase No 1
Main supply copper cable size mm² 10
Main disconnection switch Amp 20
Delayed action fuse Amp 20
Water at max. temp. of 300C Lit/min 3
Weight (approx) Kg 13.5

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  1. Arjun Porje says:

    Portable Hand Operated Spot Welding Machine for 20 Gauge sheet.

    1. We are thankful for the interest in our portable hand spot welder. We will do the needful.

  2. Can I have Portable Hand Operated Spot Welding Machine for 20 Gauge SS Sheet.

    Please let me know the price for single phase machine.

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