Hand Operated Spot Welder (Gun Type)

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The Cruxweld Gun Spot Welder is an excellent choice for jobs that conventional type spot welders cannot do due to throat limitations or larger jobs. This single-side welding method makes this device very useful in making cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen equipment, etc.


Advanced Thyristorised Resistance Welding Control System

Our controller makes our spot welding gun smarter and provides consistent weld quality. This timer allows you to set a fixed welding time of up to 10 seconds that starts when you trigger the gun. Ideal for continuous spot welding on thin and thick metal sheets. A rotary switch is provided to control power and timing, and instructions for welding and power on are also given.   

Copper Wound Transformer – Reduced Maintenance and Extended Service Life

We use high-quality BIS standard copper wire to manufacture our transformers to ensure more efficiency, durability, and high short circuit withstand capability.

CRGO Silicon Steel as Transformer Core

CRGO steel is the best choice for any transformer. Adding the optimum composition of silicon to steel can change the texture for desirable magnetic properties. Extremely low levels of magnetostriction reduce noise and increase ease of winding and increase productivity. 

Special Design Poke Welding Gun

Chrome-copper alloy electrode holders for long life and heavy-duty applications, designed for straight and angle mounting. Easy to handle and with a conveniently located on/off switch, it can be used for a wide variety of jobs. The electrodes can be changed according to the need of the job. You can use straight electrodes, as well as L or Z-shaped electrodes. The point gun handle is made from a mixture of bakelite and wood and is designed to work in tough conditions without overheating.


  • Easy to handle and with a conveniently located on/off switch, it can be used for a wide variety of jobs.
  • The best adaptation of the gun for welding work by modular design.
  • Accurate consoles with accurate timers allow working on thin materials up to 0.3 mm and will perform satisfactory welds on materials up to 3.6 mm.
  • Synchronous built-in electronic timer with SCR from 2 to 65 cycles.
  • The transformer is coated with class H insulation material and tests are performed using 4000 volts.
  • The welding time is adjustable in milliseconds, which ensures the best setting.
  • We build flexible single-sided resistance spot welding guns to suit your needs.
  • Epoxy resin coated transformer.
  • The transformer, controller, and ingeniously designed gun create gentle power making connections reliable and easy on the material. 
  • Typical applications: The machine is designed for jobs that cannot be done in conventional type spot welders due to throat depth limitations or larger jobs such as reinforcement welding on steel, Almira doors, Almira racks, passenger elevator doors, floors of passenger lifts, etc. Assembly of Almira steel shelves, welding on square or round tubes. Welding of sheet metal on hollow structures, sheet metal cladding, or stainless steel structures.


Model CSH15 
Rated capacity, kVA 15
Phase I/II
Frequency, Hz 50/60
Max welding capacity, mm 1.8+1.8
No load voltage (max.), V 11
Rated primary current, A 70 
Adjustment rated 6
Welding Time Adjustment, sec 0~9.99 
Secondary Unload Voltage, V 7.6~12.8 
Time control, KA Solid state electronic timer
Insulation H
Transformer cooling  Air cooled
Earth cable length, m 3
Output main cable length, m 3
Gun and control cable weight, kg  8.5
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 520x800x680
Weight (approx), kg 82


Single Sided Spot Weld Gun manufacturer in India and for the international market. The best quality resistance welding machine is by CRUXWELD. The Single Sided Spot Weld Gun is a new variant of the spot welding machine. The machine is transformer based and has a very strong and sturdy model. There is excellent fine control of weld time and heat with this equipment.

The machine is very handy, portable, energy efficient, low maintenance, has no pre or post-welding process, cost-effective machine. This is very user-friendly and can be operated by semiskilled technicians although trained personnel can acquire better results. This equipment is specially designed for special purposes and special situations.

They are best used in Almira making, fixed structure welding by the spot where we do not need the marking on the back of the spot area. The range is to weld a thin area for the spot to weld and the quality of the welded area is best. The strength of the welded area is very good. The raw material used is the best in quality and our production team is doing a great job in manufacturing the quality product. We have a big range and our customers are using the machine n every corner of India.

We are exporting our products to different countries like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. They say this is not a machine but a weapon in your arsenal. We take care of the transformer to make it with minimum leakage, proper cooling, and insulation including winding impregnation to enhance its service life and reliability.

The current control setting is from minimum to maximum and can be done by eight positions. The cooling is by electrodes and arms with water cooling arrangement with hose connections(Water supply to be arranged by the user) The quality and post-sale service is the aim of the company to serve every customer.


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  1. Simon Trives says:

    Please provide a price for this machine the single sided spot welder

    1. We will do the needful.

  2. Gilbert Roque says:


    Could you quote this machine and send to my email address as stated below.

    Best regards,

    1. Sure, sir, we will do the needful.

  3. Kilan Swami says:

    Hi needing price on the single sided spot welder and the specs

    1. Cruxweld team thank you for the enquiry. We will revert you with the needful about this welding machine.

    2. Ritesh mittal says:

      Pl quote the price of this machine…i need to spot weld 3-5 mm wire.

      1. The sales team of Cruxweld thank you for the interest in our welding machine. We will be sending you the details about the product and its quotation for your kind perusal.

  4. BLAGOJ CHULEV says:


    1. Thank you for the concern about our welding machine. We will revert with techno commercial details soon.

      1. haris khan says:

        can we use this for aluminum

  5. can we joint sheet of 22 gauge on a square pipe (hollow)

  6. Ajeet patwa says:

    Sir price kaya hai

  7. Md.Serajuddin says:

    Please send me this single side spot welding machine price for use Almira Making

  8. santosh Kumar Mishra says:

    how many rate of spot welding machine?

  9. Debasis roy says:

    Please provide me the price of this machine plz

    1. The sales team will do the needful.

  10. Jay Ganguli says:

    I wanna hand cable type spot welding machine I’m from Ranchi Jharkhand how to get the machine plz sand me all details as soon as possible.
    Bhaskar Steel
    Industrial park Kokar Ranchi Jharkhand ph 9771567044

    1. Thank you for the interest in our welding machine. Our sales team will contact you soon.

  11. Need quotation

  12. Milind Mestry says:

    Hand spot machine details required

  13. Mohit jain says:

    Hi is it possible to spot weld in angle bar and cr sheet ?

  14. jomari azores says:

    what is the price of single sided welding machine ?

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