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dc tig welder

TIG 200

Digital Inverter Based
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Product Description

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG) or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) is an arc welding process where a non-consumable electrode is used for the welding.The weld area and electrode are protected from oxidation by the inert shielding gas which may be Argon or Helium. The filler metal is usually used in welding. The tig welding equipment is used for thin sheets of stainless steel and nonferrous material like Aluminium, magnesium and copper alloys. This is not useful in welding of Zinc alloy.The constant electric power supply produces arc which passed through the gas to vapors of the metal.

This welding process needs a trained welder as in this process of welding needs to use both hands very judicially. Here one hand is used to hold the torch to produce the arc and second hand used for the filler wire. We are argon welding machine manufacturers and produce a wide variety of tig welders in every segment. Our tig welding equipment manufacturers team is highly qualified and keep on researching about the constant improvement to make the tig welder more compact, handier, control the argon machine price, more efficient machine,  to produce a better arc for the tig welder.We produce TIG welding machine for Indian customers with best argon welding machine price in india. We export our machine to Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arab etc.

Our argon welding set keeps on working almost 24 hours without any break. It can be used for the longest hour as our team of service engineers available across the India.You can put your complaint in the company and we try to resolve the issue in one day time. These machines we manufacture are portable as there we have used Mosfet, IGBT, transformer all in a circuit to make it handy and portable. If you wish you can find the details of every product at our website https://www.cruxweld.com and at www.cruxweldindia.co.in.

Salient Features

  • DC TIG and ARC (MMA) dual purpose welding mechanism
  • Revolutionary design assure effortless mobility
  • Supreme ignition feature, even with long TIG torches
  • Outstanding welding features in TIG & MMA with any type of electrodes, cellulosic included
  • Self-regulating compensation for mains voltage fluctuations within ±20%
  • Great accuracy when handling with generator sets
  • IP 23S rating designed & approved for outdoor use
  • Arc Force Control for Stick use helps minimal Spatter, reduces cleaning time of parts and fixturing and improve arc feature and functioning
  • Fixed program post-flow timer save tungsten tip, workpiece, and torch
  • High-frequency TIG starting simplify the process to discover an arc under a variety of situation
  • Risk-free to use in damp or humid welding atmospheres, as a result, controlled Open Circuit Voltage

Technical Data

Specification Unit iTIG200DC
Input voltage Volt AC220±15%
Phase No 1
Frequency Hz 50/60
Max input [email protected]% duty cycle KVA 4
Open circuit voltage Volts DC 78
Welding current range (TIG Mode) Amps DC 5-200
Welding current range (MMA Mode) Amps DC 10-200
Welding current @60% duty cycle Amps 200
Welding current @100% duty cycle Amps 135
Efficiency % 85
Degree of protection Class IP23S
Insulation Class H
Generator compatible Yes
Suitable electrode diameter mmΦ 1.6, 2.5, 3.2 intermittent 4
Protections Over voltage, under voltage, over temperature
Cooling Type Forced Air
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 395x153x301
Weight (approx) Kg 6.5
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